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Nov 7, 2014Analyst Report written by IDC

Partnering for Greater Efficiency: Outsourcing Your Organization's Print and Document Infrastructure

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By Holly Muscolino,
Research Vice President, Document Solutions, IDC

Over the past decade, most organizations have initiated efforts to reduce costs, increase efficiency and spur employee productivity. Nonetheless, many companies, large and small, are missing a significant opportunity to achieve these goals. These organizations have little visibility into the total cost of printing and document processes. Print and document management policies, if any exist, are often ad hoc, and without collaboration or coordination between disparate functions and business units. Paper and manual processes frequently bridge the gap between incompatible business systems. IDC research has shown that information work is inherently document intensive and that information workers waste a significant amount of time contending with challenges related to working with documents. 42% of documents used by an average worker are paper based, and 62% of employees say paper document volume has either stayed the same or increased.

At the same time, new technologies such as cloud-based applications, mobile devices, and the increasing socialization of business applications are contributing to rapid changes in requirements for imaging and output, creating both opportunities for new business models and new document management pain points. Organizations struggle to maintain information security, as content moves to the cloud and increasingly mobile workers use smartphones and tablets as both content creators and consumers.

Organizations have the opportunity to mitigate these challenges. One way to achieve this is to develop or acquire new competencies related to both print and electronic document workflows. Organizations must develop a holistic understanding of their organization's current status in terms of print and document management and a road map to effectively leverage new technologies and business models consistent with company strategy and culture.

One of the most effective ways for an organization to evaluate current print and document infrastructure and processes and progress to a new level of efficiency is in partnership with a managed print and document services provider. Outsourcing offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to the most current technology
  • Print and document domain expertise that may not be resident within an organization
  • Reduction of the administrative costs associated with managing a program internally, including management of multiple vendors, contracts and leases.
  • Frees up internal resources for core business functions

The managed print and document services paradigm is not new. Organizations have been looking to managed print and document services providers to reduce costs, increase employee productivity, and help organizations meet regulatory/compliance and environmental/sustainability goals since the late 1990's. But the industry has not stood still. "Smart" devices and intelligent software solutions enable even greater benefits. Combined with existing document technologies, processes and knowledge, this is empowering a new level of services and solutions that can drive new business models, business transformation and better business outcomes in buyer organizations. Don't you think it is time for your organization to take another look at managed print and document services?


The value of outsourcing your organization's print and document infrastructure


Analyst Report > Outsourcing Infrastructure