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DEC 10, 2014Analyst Report written by IDC

Measuring the Success of your Managed Print and Document Services Engagement

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By Holly Muscolino,
Research Vice President, Document Solutions, IDC

Congratulations! Your organization has engaged with a managed print and document services provider to optimize your print and document infrastructure and workflows. Now how do you measure the ongoing success of that initiative?

For most organizations, cost savings is the primary driver of print and document management programs, and it is certainly an important component of a service level agreement (SLA). In order to effectively measure cost savings, a baseline must first be established through a robust, detailed assessment. Even then, there are several different parameters that can be used to measure cost savings, including cost-per-page (CPP), cost per employee, or the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the print infrastructure. (Your provider may offer a dashboard that displays a variety of data points.) Specific cost savings goals should be established and tracked on an ongoing basis during the life of the contract.

But cost savings is not the whole story. Your provider should not simply reduce the number of devices via a "brute force" initiative. The print infrastructure must be based on a design backed by data analytics that consider employee workflow. It is counterproductive to optimize cost savings at the expense of employee productivity and/or employee satisfaction. A reduction in employee productivity will decrease total cost savings. Even more importantly, a reduction in employee satisfaction will decrease compliance with organizational print policies and will increase the likelihood that your print and document infrastructure will eventually relapse into its initial, unmanaged state.

Therefore, any SLA should include parameters related to employee satisfaction. IDC research has shown that a majority of companies surveyed consider employee satisfaction in measuring the success of their managed print and document services engagement. As with device metrics, these values should be tracked and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Your print and document management initiative may also include goals related to total print volume reduction and/or meeting specific environmental and sustainability goals. Just under half of respondents in IDC research measure success by looking at these parameters. Environmental parameters include a reduction in unnecessary printing and a reduction in consumable waste as well as the carbon footprint of the devices themselves.

More than three-quarters of respondents in IDC research indicate that cost savings is used to measure the success of managed print and document services engagements. But an accurate appraisal of success must also include a view of employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as other parameters to support an organization's mission and goals.


Cost savings is not the whole story of MDS measuring.


Analyst Report > Balance Satisfaction