Waste paper recycling & upcycling program

December 13, 2023

At the heart of Kyocera-Group management is the corporate philosophy known as the Kyocera Philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of a fair business based on ethical, moral and social standards that people should uphold throughout life. For Kyocera Document Solutions, CSR is tantamount to the practice of the Kyocera Philosophy — the heart of Kyocera Group management.

In regard to Group Environmental Safety Policy, we shall perform improvement activities more actively and continuously to contribute global environmental protection and at the same time, communicate those efforts widely to society. From December 2023, Kyocera Document Solutions Asia Limited and Kyocera Document Solutions Hong Kong Limited are delighted to be one of the supporting organisations to advocate an ESG initiative in Hong Kong : Waste paper recycling for office and property & upcycling paper scheme developed by Hong Kong Clubhouse Facilities Association香港會所物業設施協會. Not only a role as supporting organsation, we also actively participate in this program as the first collaborate partner in commercial sector to promote this ESG initiative to our customer groups, suppliers and general public.

Through this program, businesses can easily implement an efficient waste paper recycling system within their premises. Regular pick-up services ensuring that discarded paper is diverted from landfills and instead repurposed for new use. The upcycling paper scheme takes recycling a step further by transforming the collected waste paper into high-quality upcycled paper products. By partnering with NGOs, this program create jobs for the disabled and disadvantaged while crafting exquisite stationery from collected waste paper. By participating in our waste paper recycling program and embracing the use of upcycled paper, businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, contribute to a circular economy, and be an responsible corporate citizens.

Apart from the environmental impact, this program also contribute towards the following aspects:


1. Upcycling paper

The program promotes the reuse and upcycling of paper waste, reducing the demand for new paper production and conserving natural resources.


2. Charitable donations to the community

The program involves donating a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations in the community, contributing to social welfare and supporting important causes.


3. Charitable donations to institutes

By donating to educational institutes or research organizations, the program helps raise awareness of the environmental impacts of paper use and supports research and initiatives aimed at sustainable paper practices.


4. Job opportunities for the disability group

The program creates job opportunities specifically for individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and social equity in the workforce.


5. Accountability and transparency data

The program emphasizes tracking and reporting data related to paper waste reduction and recycling, promoting accountability and transparency in sustainable practices


Join us and contribute our efforts together towards a Green and Sustainable Society.


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