Kyocera Printers and Application Help Prep School Create, Grade, and Analyze Bubble Sheet Tests Accurately and Easily

[Case study from KYOCERA Document Solutions America]

At KYOCERA Document Solutions, we understand the unique challenges faced by Educators and Academic Administrators. With customizable apps and ultra-reliable printers and multifunctional products (MFPs), we can provide your institution with user-friendly, streamlined document workflows that seamlessly integrate into your existing IT architecture.


A prep school in Illinois was being held back by a bubble testing application with major limitations: too few questions per test and unreliable grading.


A TASKalfa black & white MFP and Teaching Assistant, KYOCERA’s flexible application to create, print, grade, and analyze bubble sheet tests accurately and easily.


A college preparatory school in Illinois was struggling with the education tools of a well-known document solutions provider to create and grade exams.Versatility, accuracy and cost-efficiency were 3 of their main goals. But the hardware/software bundle they had chosen limited the number of questions they could ask. Plus the grading function was unreliable, often requiring grades to be adjusted manually, costing time and money.

That’s when they turned to KYOCERA. Their Dealer installed a TASKalfa black and white MFP loaded with KYOCERA’s Teaching Assistant. The results were impressive, and approval unanimous: the KYOCERA MFP was easier to use, and Teaching Assistant proved to be powerful and accurate, allowing them to create tests up to 200 questions long, then grade them without error.

Faculty and staff were delighted, and so was the Dealer, as they immediately began to discuss adding more KYOCERA devices throughout the school.

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