Confidence in the numbers

Cutting unnecessary costs is a basic element of business, but many companies fail to notice the drain on their bottom line that printing can be. Unmanaged printing can often make it hard to determine how much is spent on toner and paper for the devices. A large enterprise could have hundreds of MFPs and printers, which require an enormous toner inventory that consumes valuable office space.

With tighter control, it is possible to reduce the amount of paper and toner inventory, but this is a minor issue compared to workflow interruption when a department runs out toner. Downtime can waste hours, sometimes days, and can cause serious delays in business tasks.

To avoid such situations, Kyocera has developed solutions that deliver the right balance of cost control, and productivity. It can enable information about printer use to be collected centrally, set restrictions for users and remind them as they reach their usage limit, helping to manage and reduce costs.

Perhaps the most powerful facility is a function that allows the company to show its people what the exact price of each print-out is. When individuals can see how much of the company's money they are wasting, they think more before printing.

KYOCERA Document Solutions is a leading manufacturer of document imaging solutions and document management systems, including color and monochrome multifunction printers and printers. KYOCERA's products are renowned for their unique long-life imaging components that provide greater reliability, less waste - resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the life of the product.