Reduction in Energy Usage

Basic Approach

Kyocera Document Solutions is working to implement a variety of energy conservation measures at our Japanese production bases and business establishments, with the target of reducing energy consumption per unit by an average of 1% a year, using FY2013 as the basis, and achieving a reduction of 7.73% or more in FY2021 from the FY2013 level.

Promotion of Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation Target and Progress

Energy conservation target: To reduce energy consumption per unit by an average of 1% a year from FY2013 to FY2021

• Changes in energy consumption per unit

Changes in energy consumption per unit

In FY2017, a situation arose that made efficient production difficult. This situation arose because of responses to factory repairs and the start-up of a new factory. As a result, we failed to achieve the target.

Energy Conservation Efforts

Energy Conservation Efforts

At each plant and business establishment in Japan, we worked to make air conditioning equipment more efficient by taking measures such as switching to high-efficiency air conditioner models and cleaning the fins on outdoor units. In addition, we took various steps to conserve electricity, achieving high-efficiency management of equipment through review of operating conditions. We introduced approximately 9,500 LED lighting fixtures till March 2017.
Going forward, we will continue to steadily introduce LED lighting.

Efforts to Reduce Peak Power

Since 2011 in Japan, we have been working to reduce peak power during the summer and winter at each of our plants and business establishments. In FY2017 too, we took various energy conservation measures such as using thinning patterns for lighting and reducing the number of operating elevators.

Primary energy conservation measures in Japan

  • Implement weather-appropriate business clothing campaigns (air conditioning temperature set to 28℃ in summer, 19℃ in winter)
  • Upgrade from desktop PCs to laptop PCs
  • Temporary shutdown of air conditioning and total heat exchangers
  • Installation of heat shielding film and blinds on skylights and veranda glass
  • Use of lighting thinning patterns and reviewing the number of operating pieces of office equipment
  • Reduction of air conditioning power use by using electric fans
  • Reduction in the number of elevators operating, except when employees are arriving or departing from work
  • Sharing of cooled spaces by changing the floor layout
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