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Feature in FY2009:
CSR activities at Kyocera Mita's Shilong Plant

CSR activities at Kyocera Mita's Shilong Plant

Aiming to be the No. 1 plant in China, trusted throughout the world

The Shilong Plant in China manufactures nearly 100 % of Kyocera Mita's MFPs and printers, as well as photoconductive drums. The Plant has been promoting the "MONOZUKURI Reform Project," which focuses on CSR-based management, to strive toward its goal of becoming the No. 1 plant in China. Efforts are being made to promote Chinese employees' understanding and awareness of the "Kyocera Philosophy," the business management philosophy for the entire Kyocera Group. At the same time, through the establishment of a Quality First system focusing on the quality of parts (green procurement), the quality of assembly by employees and the quality of the work environment, and through steady implementation of environmental measures based on the environmental management system, the Shilong Plant aims to be a factory trusted by all stakeholders.

The Plant's approx. 7000 employees from all over China are promised both material and psychological fulfillment. Various "localized" programs are offered to raise employees' motivation, including educational programs to develop human resources capable of managing the Plant in the future, technical training courses, and welfare benefit programs. Here is an outline of the measures taken at the Shilong Plant.

Promoting the Quality First "MONOZUKURI Reform Project"

Promoting the Quality First [MONOZUKURI Reform Project]

The Kyocera Mita Shilong Plant, located in Guangdong Province, was established in 2001 as a joint venture between Kyocera Mita and a Chinese local company (Kyocera Mita currently holds 92.76 % of the shares), manufacturing almost 100 % of the Company's MFPs and printers, as well as photoconductive drums.


The basic principle of MONOZUKURI, or manufacturing, at this Plant is "Quality First". To realize the manufacturing of high-quality products trusted by customers, various measures are introduced, including "synchronized production," in which the timing of the production of units comprising a machine and the timing of the production of the machine main body are synchronized; a "parts-in-kits feeding" system, in which all parts required for a machine are placed in a kit case and supplied to the assembly line; and the KMPS (Kyocera Mita Production System), in which each employee is allowed to press the stop button at his/her own discretion to stop the line whenever a problem is found during operation, aiming to prevent defects from being included, created and generated.


Moreover, as part of the attempt to enhance local manufacturing capacity, reforms in production, procurement and human resources are upheld in the business vision. All members of the Plant join forces to promote the "MONOZUKURI Reform Project," aiming to be the No. 1 plant in China.


Our definition of "No. 1 plant" includes a "lively plant," comprising individuals who have the energy to change reality; a "plant with no muda (waste)," trying to detect and eliminate any waste; and an "appreciated plant," which supports sales activities.

Aiming at MONOZUKURI trusted throughout the world.


The Shilong Plant, where nearly 100 % of the Company's MFPs and printers are manufactured, has established systems to ensure the quality of parts (green procurement), the quality of assembly by employees and the quality of the work environment.

KMPS (Kyocera Mita Production System)

Kyocera Mita's Shilong Plant has introduced the KMPS, which requires all employees to be involved in MONOZUKURI. This is a unique system that allows each employee at the production line to stop the line at his/her own discretion whenever he/she detects something unusual, and suspend operation until the problem is solved. It aims at total elimination of quality variations by encouraging early solving of problems instead of putting them off.

Work instruction

As a measure to improve assembly quality, each employee is required to prepare their own "Personal Work Manual" and work according to the manual. If a member makes a mistake in their work, the supervisor gives instruction not only based on his/her own experience, but in reference to the member's work manual.

Mechanism of quality control

The Shilong Plant has established various systems to ensure quality control, including thorough pursuit of green purchasing, implementation of acceptance inspection, the introduction of "parts-in-kits" feeding and synchronized production, line QC, and 100 % inspection of finished products. Before shipment, the Quality Assurance Dept. inspects the products from the standpoint of the customers in the product inspection room located on each manufacturing floor. Only products that are judged as acceptable will be shipped.

Improvement activities

Supervisor giving
instructions with "Personal
Work Manual" in hand
QC circle activity
Inspecting printing quality
Shipment inspection of a
color MFP

The Shilong Plant started the "improvement reporting system" in April 2008, to encourage employees and supervisors to make proposals for improvements concerning MONOZUKURI.

  • [Improvement reporting system]
    A supervisor and ten member employees form a group and propose/implement actions for improvement. The number of improvements proposed and implemented is 60 to 70 per month. The purpose of this activity is to develop the members' motivation and sense of achievement as well as to facilitate communication among the employees.
  • [QC circle activities]
    A team leader and ten supervisors form a group and promote activities to improve each workplace. At present, 25 circles are engaged in such activities, with the aim of enhancing the improvement ability of leaders.

Keeping in mind that "the next process is the customer"

Zhou Ailing / C52 Line Supervisor,Device 2 Manufacturing Dept.

Having striven to acquire the necessary skills by following the instructions of the senior workers, I am now in the position of instructing younger workers. Since the products are directly sent from this plant to the marketplace, I must keep an eye on my group members to see whether they are making any mistakes or working in a careless manner. I am proud of Kyocera Mita's "Quality First" policy. I always keep in mind the notion that "the next process is the customer," and hope to be able to constantly provide good products for society. My dream for the future is to become a manager responsible for all the production lines.

The highest priority is on promoting understanding of the Kyocera Philosophy

In implementing the "MONOZUKURI Reform Project", the Shilong Plant is committed to educational activities to make the Kyocera Philosophy, the business management philosophy for the entire Kyocera Group, known and understood by Chinese employees.

In fiscal 2007, Chinese employees were invited for the first time to participate in the "philosophy paper contest", held annually by Kyocera Mita. In response to this invitation, as many as 1000 Chinese employees submitted papers. Many papers linked their understanding of the Kyocera Philosophy to their work, indicating that the human mind is the same irrespective of differences in culture and customs. Furthermore, a Chinese employee's paper was selected as the best paper, and received the Inamori Chairman Emeritus Award.

The Plant President Ueda says of his future vision, "I want to promote further localization of the Plant so that local people will be able to change the environment and even take part in management of the Plant."


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