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Feature in FY2010:
Social values of the TASKalfa series miltifunction products

Useful functions realized through customer feedback.

The development concept of TASKalfa was to "improve product values and services completely from the viewpoint of customers." We pursued more user-conscious and helpful functions and better services. This page features the functions of the TASKalfa 500ci series.


An image developing toner of smaller particle size was introduced to realize finer color image quality. Also, the amount of imaging toner used per unit area was reduced, enabling color reproduction with smaller amounts of toner than with existing printers. Moreover, the 3-color-toner-release function* was adopted for the image developing unit, so as to eliminate unnecessary consumption of color toners during black-and-white printing (effect: resources saving).

* the 3-color-toner-release function: A technology to separate the drum unit of three color toners (cyan, magenta and yellow) and the image developing unit from the transfer belt during black-and-white printing, to prevent wear of the unit.

Power consumption is reduced.


The use of newly developed small particle toners has enabled color fixation at lower temperatures than is the case with existing machines, leading to shorter warm-up time and reduced power consumption during printing (effect: energy saving).

Technologies for long-life products accumulated over long periods are incorporated.


Unique long life technologies Kyocera Mita has developed over long years including amorphous silicon drums are combined in this product (effect: resources saving).

Universal design is adopted.


Many universal design elements are employed, including the colored wide touch panel that allows angle adjustment; an LED display that shows the status of document feeding and printer operation; "universal grip," which enables easy withdrawal of cassettes; and a toner container allowing easy replacement (effect: improved usability and operational efficiency).

Comment from a sales representative (US)

Daniel Volowitz
Product Solution
Manager Kyocera
Mita America

The launch of the TASKalfa 500ci series gave a big impact to the MFP market, where competition is becoming increasingly fierce. At KMA, we set up a project team consisting of members selected from various sections including the technical, sales, training and marketing departments, and implemented an unprecedentedly large-scale sales promotion campaign.

During sales training sessions, the team members demonstrated with evidence how to communicate the product values to customers. Many of the dealers participating in the training appreciated the series, offering comments such as "the image quality is high," and "the design is sophisticated."

All of the project team members now feel relieved to see the series has enjoyed a good reputation with its dealers and customers since its launch. Without being overly proud of this reputation, we are now offering a follow-up training program using a web conference system. The aim of this training program is to help dealers understand more deeply the excellent features of the TASKalfa 500ci series. A total of 350 people applied to participate in six training sessions, indicating heightened interest in the TASKalfa 500ci series among dealers and in the market.

Won highest-ranking five-star rating in BERTL's BEST 2009

BERTL's 5-star Exceptional
Certificate (highest rating)

In June 2009, Kyocera Mita's four color MFP models of the TASKalfa series (TASkalfa 500ci, 400ci, 300ci, 250ci) received "BERTL's 5-star Exceptional," a rating for the best product, from BERTL, Inc., an independent rating agency.

At the same time, we also received "BERTL's Best 2009" awards in ten categories in BERTL's Best Awards 2009.

As an independent rating agency, BERTL is internationally recognized for its rigorous evaluation of digital image equipment from the standpoint of users.

In BERTL's Awards, our TASKalfa series color MFPs received high ratings in all fields of usability, reliability and image quality. We believe that the strong aspirations to be helpful to customers that all our company members had at the startup of the TASKalfa brand contributed to these high ratings.


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