KYOCERA Cluster Printing
Enhance productivity by executing one print job via 2 to 4 designated KYOCERA devices.


A company sometimes hesitate to purchase a highspeed printing device for occasional or seasonal high-volume printing due to expensive initial investment and device is not fully utilized. Another major concern is the downtime impact upon device breakdown when they only have one high-speed device.

KYOCERA Cluster Printing is a print distribution solution which improves print efficiency for high-volume printing without investing in a high-speed device by utilizing the designated KYOCERA devices flexibly to split the print job into several devices.


  • Optimize printing time, the more devices the faster
  • Avoid heavy investment in high speed device
  • Empower productivity with multiple KYOCERA devices
  • Maintain the availability of other devices even when one device is in disorder
  • Simple user interface, easy operation by printer driver


  • Support Up To 4 Devices: Support 2 devices for Basic Version and to 4 devices for Professional Version
  • Single Copy Splitting#: To print a single print job, part of the document is being sent to each device, stack
    the parts from each device, top-to-bottom from the higher speed device to lower speed one
  • Multiple Copy Splitting: To print multiple copies, each device prints the entire document, allocate more copies to high-speed devices than lower speed devices
  • Print Settings: To set print setting as needed (e.g. Orientation, Color/Monochrome, Duplex, Multiple pages per sheet, Finishing, Watermark)
  • Error Handling#: To command reprint job, cancel job, redirect job when errors happen (e.g. device disconnected)
  • Cover Page For Split Jobs#: To print a cover page(optional) for each print job for easier assembly of the output

# Applies to Professional version only


Operating System:

  • Windows® 7 or later


  • 4G or higher

Hard disk:

  • 4G or more empty space on system disk