April 7, 2005

Kyocera Wins Long-Term Print Comparison Test by Druckerchannel

In a long-term print comparison test carried out by Druckerchannel , Germany 's leading printer test magazine, the Kyocera FS-3830N achieved the highest evaluation and was awarded first place.

After a 300,000 page print test of devices from 4 manufacturers, evaluations of product performance were made. These evaluations covered device reliability, ease-of-service, print quality, total cost of ownership and waste production.

According to Druckerchannel, Ø The test winner of the 300,000 page test is the Kyocera FS-3830N. The printer printed 600 reams of paper, without fault or major interventions. The paper handling is extremely simple; the machine works reliably and has a robust design. We were not able to identify any wear inside. The print quality hardly reduced even after 300,000 pages.Ó

This test results clearly illustrates the benefits of Kyocera's long-life printer technology.

Go to Druckerchannel Site. (German)
View translation of test result. (Kyocera Mita Europe)

About Druckerchannel

Druckerchannel, established in 1998, is an independent printer test magazine located in Germany . It is one of the leading sources of printer evaluations and other industry related information in Germany .

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