June 8, 2007

Integration of Supply Chain for European Market

On June 7, 2007 in Beringe, The Netherlands, Kyocera Mita's President, Katsumi Komaguchi, officially opened the new European Distribution Center (EDC). The creation of this distribution center was facilitated through IBM that has vast experiences with creating systems for distribution and DHL that is a global market leader in transportation distribution who will run and oversee this entire service for Kyocera Mita. In this new system, the EDC has been established as the center warehouse and the Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) in Milan, London, Madrid and Copenhagen will function as the satellite warehouses bringing the product closer to the customer.

Kyocera Mita products shipped from factories in Japan and China will now arrive at EDC and RDCs. They will then be delivered directly to the dealers without having to move through the sales companies. This integration of the transportation system will enhance the capacity of product distribution as well as shorten the delivery time of products after purchase order. This will significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Kyocera Mita Group will streamline the global supply chain through the total system unification that includes procurement of materials after purchase order, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

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