Top-rated cost efficiency in its class*

ECOSYS promises brilliant color performance

*in 28~42 ppm A4 color desktop MFP / printer range (as of November, 2015, surveyed by KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.)

KYOCERA's unique ECOSYS technology eliminates unnecessary costs.

"Economy" minimizes printing and running costs. "Ecology" reduces landfill waste and balance ecological concerns. "System" offers uninterrupted network connectivity. Equipped with KYOCERA's "ECOSYS Technology," all of your demands are fulfilled, the new Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and printers help reduce cost and improve operations in the office.

Ecosys Technology

Help reduce a variety of costs, not just printing costs

printing cost
running cost

Leading low print cost in its class

KYOCERA's new color Multifunction Printers (MFPs) and printers offer one of the lowest printing costs in its class*. Also, black & white printing costs are extremely affordable compared to other vendors in its class.

Leading low print cost in its class

*in 28~42 ppm A4 color desktop MFP / printer range (as of November, 2015, surveyed by KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.)

Minimal replacement of consumables, for reduced running costs

ECOSYS printers provide a printing solution that incorporates long life consumables and one of the lowest costs per print*. The operating costs of traditional cartridge-based printers can easily exceed many times the original purchase price during the life of the product. The 30 and 35 ppm models are capable of printing up to 200,000 pages, and the 40 ppm model is capable of printing up to 300,000 pages.
All users have to do is to replace toner containers until the machines reach these printing volumes.

*in 28~42 ppm A4 color desktop MFP / printer range (as of November, 2015, surveyed by KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.)

Earth-friendly, Office-friendly

KYOCERA's long-life components lead to the reduction of landfill waste.

Long-life components, such as the drum, reduce the frequency of consumables replacement. KYOCERA's new color MFPs and printers are equipped with an ecological design that will reduce the impact to the global environment by minimizing waste.

Beautiful printing in both brilliant color and crisp black & white

Newly designed cooling system and improved sensor have enabled KYOCERA's new MFPs and printers to offer superior image quality in color as well as black and white through fine adjustment like color tone correction, calibration processing and etc.

Simple operations for easy usability

The top-of-the-line 35 ppm MFP is equipped with a large 7-inch touch panel. Similar to the latest MFPs, all the functions are available on the home screen, allowing access to all main operations and functions on one screen. The user interface is intuitive, making it easy for anyone to operate the device. Numeric keys are included on top-of-the-line 35 and 40 ppm printer models, which offer good operability for security functions such as departmental usage control. Moreover, these devices won the 2014 "Good Design Award" that was given as a result of a comprehensive evaluation on the design, such user-friendly features as replacing consumables with just one hand from the front of the device.

Advanced Technology and Critical Features in a small footprint

Compact, space-saving design

Employing a compact design that strives to be simple while eliminating waste. With the space-saving design, you will no longer have to worry about where to put it, even in limited office space environment.

Solutions that optimize your organization's workflow

The new color MFPs and printers can be customized with a robust portfolio of business applications. Especially, the 35 ppm MFP model features HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions), KYOCERA's proprietary solutions platform, enabling support for a variety of business application customizations and helping users to optimize their KYOCERA devices and meet a variety of business critical workflow demands.

Cloud and mobile solutions for "on the go" flexibility

From saving to the cloud* to printing from mobile devices, users can create a document environment tailored specifically to meet their "on the go" or mobile working style.

*35 ppm MFP model only.

Support for all appropriate security measures

The new color MFPs and printers offer a number of security features, including login control via functional units, IC card authentication*, and encrypted communication data*. The variety of available security measures can help prevent information leakage without hindering usability.

*Provided as options.

product line up

  • ECOSYS M6535cidn
    ECOSYS M6035cidn
  • ECOSYS M6530cdn
    ECOSYS M6030cdn
  • ECOSYS P7040cdn
    ECOSYS P6035cdn
    ECOSYS P6130cdn

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