Multiple functions in a compact design

“Small machines mean minimal performance": this mistaken idea is already outdated. Despite their compact design, ECOSYS printers can benefit any office thanks to their diverse functions, which promote work efficiency. In short, they contribute to smoother workflow even when shared among several users.


Compact design

Thanks to compact body size, you can install the ECOSYS printers and MFPs anywhere in the office, while they provide all the functions needed for standard office work. One small MFP is all you need to accomplish a wide range of document work.

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Wide range of paper types

The ECOSYS printers and MFPs are designed to support a wide range of paper types. They can produce high-quality printouts on easily creased paper, such as envelopes, and the standard paper feeder can output paper with a bond of up to 220 g/m2

Conventional model Fixing unit


Fixing unit



Simple ID card copying

Simple one-button operation makes it easy to copy both sides of an ID card. Copy both sides of the card on to the same sheet of paper in three easy steps. The handy operation is simple even for first-time users.

Shared-use functions

• Print box function

During shared use, output jobs for different users can become mixed together. The print box function of the ECOSYS printers and MFPs prevents jobs getting mixed together and helps users remember to remove completed jobs. PC print data is assigned to a box and can be printed by pressing a button. (This function is only available for models FS-1020MFP, FS-1120MFP, FS-1025MFP and FS-1125MFP.)


• Program function

Commonly used copy, scan and fax functions, such as double-sided printing and print density can be set from a PC. Once set, these settings can be retrieved at the touch of a button whenever needed, helping to increase workflow efficiency.


Easy device management

• Kyocera Client Tool

The Kyocera Client Tool is a utility function for ECOSYS printers/MFPs that lets you use a PC for a wide range of operations. It can handle everything from basic output settings (print, copy, scan and fax settings) to performance maintenance and address book management.

• Toner alert and order assistance

The toner alert function lets you know when the toner level is low. After using a PC to set the alert trigger level, the toner alert is displayed when the toner reaches that preset level. You can also preset the email address (or website) used for ordering replacement toner, making the order process more smooth and efficient.

• Kyocera Net Viewer

Kyocera Net Viewer lets you manage multiple network-connected printers or MFPs from a single PC. This handy tool for network administrators instantly displays the status, toner level, paper level and error messages of each output device on the network.
(Only supported by ECOSYS printer/MFP models supporting network functions: FS-1060DN, FS-1025MFP and FS-1125MFP.)

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