Office-friendly and
environmentally friendly

For over a quarter of a century, Kyocera has been manufacturing products that are as friendly to the office environment as they are to the global environment. Our products have been highly acclaimed in Germany, one of the world’s most environmentally aware nations. The eco-friendly technology in ECOSYS printers and MFPs minimizes unpleasant sounds and odors during operation. This technology is the distillation of many years of accumulated Kyocera expertise. The ECOSYS work environment helps workers focus on their work even in small offices that have printers or MFPs installed near desks. The minimal part replacement frequency and energy-saving design of the ECOSYS printers and MFPs helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As friendly as they are to users as to the environment, ECOSYS printers and MFPs provide high value without sacrificing print quality.

quiet Mode

Quiet Mode

ECOSYS printers and MFPs achieve further reductions in operation noise with the Quiet Mode key – Press the key to reduce operation noise and print quietly.


Odor-reducing design

The design of the ECOSYS printers and MFPs reduces toner odor and odor generated during fixing or charging. Since they’re designed to be placed near users, ECOSYS printers and MFPs incorporate technical advances to reduce unpleasant odor.

Lower toner temperature

ECOSYS printers and MFPs incorporate an excellent technology that lowers the toner’s fixing temperature on the paper by 10 to 20 degrees relative to conventional printers and MFPs. Lowering the fixing temperature reduces power consumption and helps reduce the environmental impact.



Since halogens are highly reactive elements that can be harmful above certain limits, the poducts containing halogen are regulated in Europe. As environmentally friendly products, ECOSYS printers and MFPs are completely halogen-free, with exteriors and power cord coverings made from materials containing no harmful substances.

Power-saving function

The Kyocera Client Tool utility function lets you set a time for your device to automatically switch itself off, helping reduce power consumption and make ECOSYS printers and MFPs more environmentally friendly.

No styrofoam packing materials


The design of the ECOSYS printers and MFPs eliminates the need for styrofoam packing materials (spacers or buffers), which are difficult to recycle. The product packaging has been designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and has a minimal size that allows for more products per shipment. The ECOSYS printer/MFP packaging won an award at the 2012 Japan Packaging Competition (the largest event of its kind in Japan), where it was praised for its compact size and good shock absorption ability.

Less ozone emissions

The charging system that reduces ozone emissions helps make the ECOSYS printers and MFPs an eco-friendly
line-up with a minimal environmental impact.

Conventional machine


Scorotron charging

ECOSYS printers and MFPs

【Roller charging】Electric discharge (Ozone) drum

Roller charging

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