Environmentally friendly
eco design

Designed with a variety of environmentally friendly features such as improved low-noise operation and reduced power consumption. Employs eco friendly technologies that are easy on the office and the environment.

Low-noise operation

By taking a fresh look at parts that cool the inside of the machine and redesigning the structure, we have successfully reduced noise generated during cooling to 62 dB. This helps to create a quiet office environment with noise levels comparable to those of everyday conversation (60 dB).

Halogen-free materials

Halogen is regulated in Europe. KYOCERA supplies environmentally friendly halogen-free products by using substitute materials instead of halogen in parts such as external cladding and power cord sheaths.

Reduced ozone emissions

By employing our proprietary positively charged system,
KYOCERA has worked to reduce harmful ozone emissions and improve the office environment.

Conventional machine

Conventional machine

Scorotron charging

TASKalfa 1800 / 2200

Taskalfa 1800 / 2200

Roller charging

Reduced energy consumption

Main engine board contains newly developed single-chip controller ASIC.
This innovation reduces power consumption in sleep mode by around 80 percent of conventional machines.

Power consumption in sleep mode*previous model = TASKalfa 180

logoimages*This product acquires the certification of the Blue Angel and Energy Star.

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