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Google Cloud Print User Guide

KYOCERA’s Google Cloud Print™ compatible printers let you connect directly to Google’s Cloud Print Service, allowing you to print from any internet-connected device at any time without the need to install print drivers.

The information in this User Guide explains how to set up and use Google Cloud Print with KYOCERA printing devices.

How to Use Google Cloud Print

I. Requirements

In order to use Google Cloud Print, you will need the following:

1PC or Mobile devicesInternet-connected device.
2Application Google Chrome browser or another compatible app. For a list of compatible apps, please visit
3Google AccountA Google account. Sign up for a free account at:
4KYOCERA DeviceA KYOCERA device with Internet connection. Please see the model list for KYOCERA’s Google Cloud Print-certified devices at:
5Network environmentTo use those services on an intranet, open Port 5222 (on the PCs and intranet). Please contact your network administrator for assistance.

II. Registering printers to the Google Cloud Print service

There are two ways to register.

Registering from KYOCERA Command Center RX

To register devices in KYOCERA Command Center RX follow these steps:

  1. Type the IP address of the device into a browser to access KYOCERA Command Center RX.
  2. Login as Administrator, navigate to Function Settings > Printer, and click Settings under Google Cloud Print Settings.

    Note: These screens may vary from model to model.

    Note: If your network environment requires a proxy to access the Internet, your network administrator may need to change TCP/IP settings.

  3. Select Register to initiate device registration.
  4. The link to the registration page on Google is displayed. Click it to go to the Google web page.
  5. Log in to Google with your account.
  6. Select Finish printer registration to complete the registration.
  7. Select Manage your printers. This will let you see a list of all devices registered to your account.
  8. Select a device and click Details for more information about the registered device.
  9. You are now ready to print from Google Cloud Print.

Registering from a Google Chrome Browser

Printing devices can also be registered using a Google Chrome browser by following these steps:

  1. Type chrome://devices in Chrome. A page is displayed with the list of all devices (on your network) that can be registered. Choose a device to register and click the Register button.
  2. Click Register in the Confirm registration pop up.
  3. On the device, a confirmation message will be displayed: Register with Google Cloud Print. Are you sure? Press Yes to complete registration.
  4. After a moment, the newly added device will be displayed in Chrome.
  5. You are now ready to print from Google Cloud Print.

III. Printing with Google Cloud Print Services

After you have registered your device to your Google Account, you can print with Google Cloud Print. Google Cloud printing is driverless printing. To find out which applications can be used with Google Cloud Print please check the following URL:

Printing a File from Google Chrome

  1. Go to, click Print, then Upload file to print.
    This will allow you to upload the file you want to print to the Google Cloud Print service.
  2. Click Select a file from my computer to open the file you want to print.
  3. Select a printing device.
  4. Review the print settings.
  5. Scroll down to open Advanced options… for more settings

    Note: Network and local authentication can be used with Google Cloud Print. When those settings are ON, there will be a section to enter username and password. Use job accounting features by entering the account code into the pop-up.

  6. After you select the print settings, click Print. Print jobs are listed on the Print Jobs screen with a status of In progress or Printed.
    *Google, and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission

Printing Webpage from Google Chrome

You can print from a chrome browser without installing drivers.

Note: The availability of authentication and job accounting features with driverless printing will vary dependant on the version of Google Chrome you are using.

  1. Go to the web page you want to print using Chrome.
  2. Click the control icon and select Print.
  3. The print setting window is displayed. Click Change to select a printing device to use.
  4. Select the registered printing device to use in the Google Cloud Print section.
  5. Click Print to start printing with the selected device.

*KYOCERA Document Solutions trademarks, service marks and logos are trademarks of KYOCERA Document Solutions.

*Google Cloud Print is a trademark of Google Inc.

*Google Chrome is a trademark of Google Inc.