Approach to security for MFPs and Printers

Security for MFPs and Printers

KYOCERA continues to enhance information security to protect our customers' information assets.

KYOCERA's efforts towards MFP and printer security

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. (referred to as KYOCERA, hereafter) recognizes the importance of assuring information security in KYOCERA MFPs and printers in the customer's environment, and informs the customers of its importance.

KYOCERA's first priority is to securely protect the customer's information assets. We are taking necessary actions on numerous security measures to protect the customer's information assets against threats that are increasingly sophisticated and diverse. While constantly working to enhance the usability of the KYOCERA MFPs and printers, KYOCERA is simultaneously striving to maintain and improve the high levels of security on the KYOCERA MFPs and printers, corresponding to each customer's working environment.

KYOCERA understands the importance of open communication with and feedback from customers on security questions and concerns about our products and we will promptly reply to all customer inquiries.

KYOCERA is putting strong and focused effort into developing security functions that will provide more security when using KYOCERA MFPs and Printers. We are also developing MFPs that comply with the Common Criteria international security standard (ISO/IEC 15408) so that customers will be able to use our products with ease. KYOCERA products will be certified under IEEE 2600.1, which is an international security standard for hard copy devices enacted in 2009. In addition, the Federal Information Processing Standard, FIPS 140-2 certified hard drive is available for some KYOCERA device models for sensitive data protection. KYOCERA will continuously drive further improvements in security enhancement as standards develop or new technologies evolve to protect the KYOCERA devices.

Common Criteria (ISO/IEC 15408) and IEEE 2600 Certified Products PDF download: Security White Paper for KYOCERA MFPs and Printers

Approach to security for MFPs and Printers

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