Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager

The global business environment today is turbulent and growing exponentially. In order to comprehensively respond to the shifting sands of businesses and the huge volumes of documents generated, KEIM is the perfect choice for each and every business, from SMEs to leading enterprises.

KEIM is a full-scale ECM solution utilising REST API that can integrate with multiple 3rd party systems and brings structure to cluttered content for business processes. All forms of enterprise documents can be centralised and displayed within the main application, which guarantees effortless accessibility, immense compatibility, and reliability. By leveraging KEIM into daily operations, including document management systems, automatic workflow processes, 3rd party system integration, etc. the businesses' ability will be realised to its fullest potential to contend with rapid business changes and achieve its business goals seamlessly.

Here is how Kyocera Enterprise Information Manager works its magic:

  • Productivity

    Streamlines document processes to reduce manual errors.
  • Digitalization

    Reduces filing and storage burden with complete record-keeping.
  • Flexibility

    Scales to meet the specific needs of a user, a department, and the entire enterprise.
  • Transparency

    Automates workflows to enhance business visibility.
  • User Experience

    User Experience
    Adopts user-friendly design to facilitate a smooth and immersive experience.
  • Collaboration

    Communicates and reviews information with various parties on the same platform at once.
  • Security

    Stores all data in a sophisticated role-based encrypted security platform.
  • Compliance

    Complies with a variety of rules and regulations around the world.