KYOCERA Imagelog Security System (KISS)
Manage your costs associated with output devices such as printer and MFP. Protect company resources through user authentication.

Secure and Efficient Document Output Management

KYOCERA Imagelog Security System (KISS) is a powerful output security solution which prevents the leakage of highly sensitive internal information by protecting and controlling all the information on documents which are printed, copied, scanned or faxed documents through output devices. It provides a proactive security approach through user authentication as well as a reactive security approach by blocking the leakage of the internal information through creating output images and managing traceability information. This is turn creates a more robust and secure document output environment.

Most of all, a user-friendly web interface allows you to easily access a real-time status report. WIDGET let you adjust your preferences for which data you want to see. You can also experience the intuitive view of document output status report through various charts that are available.


  • You can execute user control on a per-user basis through a variety of user authentication methods (ID card, ID/Password authentication, in conjunction with Human Resources Database).
  • Convenient UI Configuration: customization support with WIDGET for use by administrator helps create a web interface according to user preferences.
  • General log inquiry: when users print, copy, scan or fax documents, you can extract them into images as well as into text, and then view using “Preview.”
  • You can perform log analysis per various categories such as ID, user name, department, date of output and number of pages, or create graphs for report writing.
  • For all output documents, images as well as text can be extracted through OCR, and searching through them facilitates user tracking in the event of a security incident.


  • Document Output Security: log information such as time of output, document type, user ID, device name and number of output are created and maintained.
  • Image Output Security: all output images are stored in KISS Server, managed and can be searched through a web server. Text and images can be extracted through OCR giving traceability in case of document extraction.
  • Efficient Management: a brief and versatile report on the collection and analysis of all the output logs is provided.
  • Ease of Operation: a group policy is enforced by server. Help menu and all other menus are available in Hangul, the Korean alphabet.