Web-based device management enhance control anywhere, anytime.


There has been a constant shift towards the virtual office – people can work from anywhere, at anytime. IT managers and administrators have the same needs when managing their network enabled printing devices. Through web-based KYOCERA Net Admin, tasks that used to require multiple programs or installation by each device can now be accomplished virtually.

KYOCERA Net Admin is the single solution for device management and reporting. You can also customize the interface to view only the features you want to see.


  • Streamline the support of printing, central control, administration and configuration of your company fleet
  • Enhance administrative efficiency through better device management
  • Lessen device administration burdens and reduce services call from users with supply and maintenance alerts


KYOCERA Net Admin enables IT administrators to effectively monitor network devices within departments and workgroups for maximum productivity.

  • Easy locating network devices
  • Comprehensive display of device information (settings, counters, users, address book, logs, etc.)
  • Remote configuration of device settings and properties
  • Device management within one easy to use interface
  • Device status notifications (e.g. paper jam, low toner) via email
  • Customizable views for device groups and according to dynamic criteria (e.g. all devices with low toner)
  • Map display with user defined background
  • Export of device information and counter data for analysis
  • Simultaneous configuration of single and multiple devices default and custom views
  • Web-based access for administrators and end-users that requires no installation on client computers


  • Server Requirements
  • Operating Systems:

    • Windows® 2000/ 2000 Server/ XP Professional/ Server 2003
  • Java™ JDK 1.4.2 or higher
  • Memory:

    • Small to Medium


    • 512 MB or higher

    Enterprise Networks:

    • 1 GB or higher

    Hard Disk:

    • Small to Medium


    • 500 MB free space

    Enterprise Networks:

    • 2 GB free space
  • Client Operating System Requirements
  • Windows® 95/ 98/ ME/ 2000/ XP Professional
  • Windows® Server 2003