Navi Key Scan
Simplified scannong and efficiency document management.

Simplify scanning through TCP/IP and enhance security via user certification.

KYOCERA Navi Key Scan(KNKS) is a solution based on HyPAS platform, simplify scanning using user’s PC and reinforce security through user certification, especially, this solutions is possible to be applied in where is prohibited SMB or FTP protocol.


  • User certification: Password ro ID card Log-in (Optional)
  • Transmission: Able to select file saving folder, format (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG), color and resolution. It is possible to send through e-mail as well.
  • Folder edition: flexible folder creating and deleting (default: wallpaper on the desktop, my documents)
  • Administration: font change and time-out setting, search mode select (speed of PC searching, duplicate key values)


  • Simple authentication: log-in through authenticaion procedure by employee ID card or password which user created in advance.
  • Easy document management: user selects saving-folder in wherever user wants.
  • Reduce scan setting time: No need to add user ID via MFP, install common folder and establish authority for scan setting.
  • Establish regardless of security level: It is possible to be allpied in shere is prohibited SMB or FTP protocol due to search IP of users PC.