New President of Kyocera Document Solutions Asia, Takuma Kimura

April 3, 2018

Kimura Takuma
Singapore, April 3, 2018 – The board of directors of Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. has appointed Mr. Takuma Kimura as the new President of Kyocera Document Solutions Asia Limited. He will be the successor of former President, Mr. Masayuki Higuchi.

During his 33 years tenure in Kyocera Document Solutions, Takuma has served in numerous leadership positions of Kyocera sales companies in America, Deutschland and Hong Kong etc. Since 2012, Takuma was the Vice President of Strategic Business Planning Section in Kyocera Document Solutions Asia helping to drive business development with steady growth. Prior to Takuma's current role, he has been the General Manager of Kyocera Document Solutions Taiwan Corporation since 2015. With remarkable result, Takuma is promoted to lead the Asian headquarter at Kyocera Document Solutions Asia.

With his new appointment, Takuma Kimura states, “Asia is the driving engine of global economic growth. I look forward to taking on this new role of leading and driving values for the Asian group.”


Kyocera Document Solutions has more than 50 years experience in copiers and MFP, and over 25 years in printers development and manufacturing. Since its establishment, Kyocera Document Solutions commits to develop products to incorporate “Ecology” and “Economy” based on the philosophy of “Environmental Friendly Management”. Kyocera Document Solutions also comments to offer reliable, safe and clean products and satisfactory services to demonstrate core “Customer First” principle and, at the same time, improves environment performance and strives to be the Global Reliable Enterprise.

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. has established Kyocera Document Solutions Asia Limited “KDAS”, the New Asian regional sales headquarters in Hong Kong. As the regional headquarter, KDAS supports sales and marketing for Kyocera Document Solutions sales companies and distributors in Asia including India, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.