100% renewable energy achieved at main production plants

September 18, 2023

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. (President: Hironori Ando) announces that in April 2023, we have achieved 100% renewable energy at our 2 main production sites for multifunction products and printers.

KYOCERA Document Technology Vietnam Company Co.,Ltd operates as a multifunction plant that combines R & D functions with the production of multifunction machines and printers, while KYOCERA Document Technology (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. Operates as a production base for multifunction machines, printers, and OPC* drums.

By switching all previous electricity used at these two locations, instead to electricity with Environmental Value Certificates**, we have achieved 100% renewable energy.

    Vietnam Plant

    China Plant

In addition, Kyocera Document Solutions aims to achieve 100% renewable energy at all production plants by using a combination of energy-saving production facilities, installation of renewable energy, and solar power generation facilities at all other production sites, including those in Japan. In addition, to promote self-procurement of green energy, we will gradually expand solar power generation facilities. As a result, it is estimated that all production sites will be able to provide approximately 8.5GkWh of electricity per year by 2026.

Our company has set long-term environmental targets based on the goals of the Paris Agreement, which sets an international framework for combating global warming. One of these targets is to achieve 100% renewable energy at all Group sites by 2030 through implementation of concrete measures such as installing solar power generation facilities, and obtaining environmental value certificates.

In order to contribute to the progress and development of humanity and society, we will continue to support the sustainable development of our customers' businesses by defining LIVING TOGETHER as the axis of all corporate activities at Kyocera.

* Organic Photo Conductor
** I-REC Certificates (International Renewable Energy Certificates), TIGR Certificates (World Renewable Energy Certificates)

    Sunlight installed at Mie Tamaki Plant