Manage, account and recover all print, copy, fax and scan output.


PaperCut MF is a simple to install and user friendly cost recovery solution that enables schools, libraries and businesses of any size to manage, account and recover all print, copy, fax and scan output via onboard, embedded software and modern web based administrator interface. PaperCut MF can cater for sites with up to thousands of users, with just basic installation requirement.


  • Control costs for every copy, print, scan and fax
  • Centrally manage MFPs/printers and users from a simple web interface
  • Able to report and recover costs by user, department, project, cost center, device and function
  • Secure access via login, ID number or access card
  • Encourage responsible use with rules, limits and popup notifications
  • Enable secure print release and Find-Me printing
  • Vendor neutral which supports all major operating systems and devices


  • Quota Printing: Assign limits on user printing volume. Quotas may allocate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or on custom dates
  • Differential Charging: Offer differential charging models according to standard sizes, size category, area, color, grayscale or duplex mode, etc
  • Cross Platform and LDAP: Support all platforms. (Windows®, Mac, Linux and Novell)
  • Multi-Language and Web based: Currently in use by more than 60+ countries and be available in 24 languages
  • Filter Restrict and Print Script: Filters are a great way to control printing. Administrators can define filters for all printing device
  • Schedule Details Report: Offer over 60 kinds of standard reports, get access to the most important data in real time – straight from your web browser at anywhere
  • Secure Print, Find Me Printing: Simply print to a single global virtual queue, and retrieve it from any network MFP/ printer


Operating System:

  • Windows® Server 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2008 R2
  • Windows® XP/ Vista/ 7
  • (Core, Server, Advanced Server, Enterprise Edition, 64-bit edition, Workstation, Professional Versions all supported)
  • Microsoft® Clustering Services supported at all application layers
  • Apple Mac OS X (10.5, 10.6, 10.7or 10.8)
  • Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Linux (OES 2 SP1, SP2 (with hotfix applied) or SP3) and Novell OES 11
  • Most modern Linux distributions including Red Hat, Novell SUSE, Debian and others


  • 1 GB or higher

Hard Disk:

  • 300 MB(Plus additional storage for logs and print history) free space