TASKalfa Pro 15000c

Optimum versatility with feeding, stacking and finishing options let you customize the system that is right for your business.


AOptional Input / Feeder

  • PF-9100

    2,500 sheets x 2 Paper Feeder

    Total feed capacity of 5,000 sheets (Equivalent to 70 g/m2) using 2 trays. Supports feeding of papers up to 52 ~ 360 g/m2 and paper sizes up to 330 x 487 mm. Configurations with up to 2 Paper Feeders are available.

  • AK-9110

    Bridge Kit for Main Unit to Paper Feeder

    The attachment kit required when configuring a system with the Paper Feeder PF -9100.
    *The manual feeder tray (165 sheets) is not available when the paper feeder is connected.

  • PF-9110/AK-9140

    550-sheet Multipurpose Tray Kit

    Feed capacity up to 550 sheets of paper equivalent to 80 g/m2. Supports paper size 330 x 487 mm, and 52 ~ 216 g/m2 of paper in maximum. Requires the AK -9140 attachment kit for PF -9110 installation.

  • Banner Guide 11

    Banner Tray for 550-sheet Multipurpose Tray Kit Banner Guide 11

    Feed capacity of 550 sheets. Supports banner sheets up to 1,220 mm.

BOptional Output / Finisher

  • DE-9100

    Inverted and Decaler Unit (Required)

    It dries the media, reducing curling and ensuring consistent output.

  • ST-9100

    5,000-sheets Stacker

    Stacking capacity of up to 5,000 sheets. The roll-away cart enables transport of the finished prints. Configurations with up to 2 connected units are available. Each roll-away cart is standard with 1 stacker.
    * The 5,000-sheet stacker (ST-9100) with the sub-trays can stack up to 5,250 sheets.

  • AK-9120

    Bridge Kit for Stacker to Finisher

    The attachment kit required when configuring a system with a 5,000 sheets stacker ST -9100 or 4,000 sheets finisher DF -9100. (Not required if DF -9100 is directly connected to DE -9100)

  • DF-9100

    4,000-Sheets Finisher

    Stacking capacity of up to 4,000 sheets in the movable tray and 200 sheets (80 g/m2) in the fixed tray. Supports offset stacking and stapling, up to 100 sheets (80 g/m2).
    *The DF-9100 with the sub-trays can stack up to 4,200 sheets.

  • PT-9100

    Banner Output Tray

    Supports extra-long paper sizes.

  • BF-9110

    Folding Kit for DF-9100

    Optional fold unit for DF-9100, enables Bi-Fold and A4 size Tri-Fold inline finishing. Booklet Folder Supports A3 × 20 sheets = A4 size 80 pages finishing.

Punch Unit for DF-9100

Compatible with 2-hole punching with position adjustable.

COther Options

  • SL-9100

    Status Indicator Light

    The optional status indicator light provides diagnostics via green, yellow and red LED lights that are clearly visible from a distance.