KYOCERA Smart Information Manager

Easy-to-implement, user-friendly solution for small and mid-sized
businesses to move from paper-based to digital document management

Are you looking for ways to reduce your paperwork in the office? For small and mid-sized businesses seeking digitization tools which can be easily implemented, KYOCERA Smart Information Manager is an optimal solution. It integrates diverse information sources such as paper documents, electronic contents, and scanned images into automated workflows such as invoice processing and approval tasks. Offering ease of use with a simple user interface design, KYOCERA Smart Information Manager contributes in digitizing the workplace and enhancing business productivity.

Business Challenges & Solutions

Business Challenge Solution Offered by
KYOCERA Smart Information Manager
Moving from paper-based workflows to digital document management Enables easy implementation and allows document information to be integrated into digital workflows
Files are stored in different locations, leading to a loss of documents Centrally manages digital documents within the organization, eliminating the impact caused by lost files
Document-related tasks are cumbersome, complicated and inefficient Improves productivity and efficiency with automated workflows featuring a simple user interface design
Enabling remote work for employees The web console permits access from different locations allowing workflows like invoice processing and approval tasks to be completed
Stronger compliance and data protection requirements Manages user access / rights and stores workflow history logs to ensure information security

Document Import

Users can import document information from various platforms including MFPs(multifunctional printers), smartphones, tablets and emails. Furthermore, users can extract and send attribute information to the KYOCERA Smart Information Manager.

For example, when processing an invoice, information such as the company name, address, invoice amount, and payment due date can be extracted from the document and sent to the KYOCERA Smart Information Manager to be used in workflows.
In addition, users can covert their document from MFPs to a searchable PDF, MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

Document Management

KYOCERA Smart Information Manager enables the management of the entire document lifecycle from data import to usage, archiving, and disposal. Users can browse imported documents and edit attribute information. Security is ensured by enabling access control.

Automated Workflows

Document data imported from various formats are shared in automated workflows, enabling organizations to share information more quickly and accurately for circulation or approval. KYOCERA Smart Information Manager offers workflows for specific tasks which can be customized prior to installation based on user needs, enabling easy implementation and easy use regardless of the user operational skills.

System Requirements

Server Specifications Microsoft Windows Server 2019 / 2016 / 2012 R2
2 cores CPU
5 GB disk space for installation
50 GB or more disc space for document storage
Browser Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox

Features may vary by product license. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
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