TASKalfa Pro 15000c

To be secured yet eco-friendly, further enhancing the user experience.


Equipped with various security features to ensure reliable printing.


Interface block

Unauthorized access routes to the device can be blocked and prevents information leakage in the device by closing unused network ports and USB ports.

User authentication

User authentication function is equipped as standard to block improper use and unauthorized access of the device, which prevents information leakage in the device.

Data encryption

With an optional data security kit, data remaining on the hard disk or SSD can be automatically overwrite and erased. Prevents the original information from being decrypted if the data is stolen due to the unauthorized access.


The eco-friendly features in the TASkalfa Pro 15000c reflects our long-standing commitment to sustainable products and manufacturing.


Low power consumption

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c, as a a large production printer, is capable with a 100 V power supply. This greatly reduces power consumption and contributes to reducing running cost.

Low emissions

Electrophotography requires consumables, such as developer and drums or belts which need to be replaced on a regular basis. By contrast, inkjet's direct discharging printing does not require consumable parts which does not only substantially reduces waste, but also reduces the amount of VOC (volatile organic compound) and UFP (ultrafine particle) emissions.