TASKalfa 7054ci/6054ci/5054ci/4054ci/3554ci/2554ci

Delivers exceptional quality without the wait

With our proprietary toner and expeditious printing, the high-quality output is at your fingertips.

  • Super-Resolution Printing: Output with higher resolution than original data

    Super-Resolution Printing: Output with higher resolution than original data

    With the new AI functionalities, improving low-resolution images is quick and easy. The ‘Super Resolution’ function identifies and converts low-resolution images to professional quality, resulting in an even better-looking output than the original data!

  • Realistic and vivid image

    Realistic and vivid image

    Toner particles are evenly coated on the media with technology, provides a uniform and beautiful color development, giving your image a bright and vivid impression along with the realistic texture.

  • Superior performance in reproduction of fine details

    Superior performance in reproduction of fine details

    Provides printing resolution of 1,200dpi. You will enjoy sharp, detailed print results even in fine lines and small characters.

  • Efficient paper handling for bulk printing

    Efficient paper handling for bulk printing

    Equipped with a double 1,750 sheet paper feeder and a side deck capable of loading up to 3,500 sheets of paper, it can stock up to 8,365 sheets of paper at a time. If both cassettes are loading the same size and type of paper, the device can automatically continue to feed paper from the other cassette even if one of them is empty.

  • High volume output of up to 5,000 sheets

    High volume output of up to 5,000 sheets

    The main unit is capable of 500 sheets of in-body paper ejection, and supports additional output of 100 sheets by installing an inner job separator. Plus, by configuring with the optional 4,000 sheet finisher and the mailbox, it can accommodate up to 5,000 sheets of paper output.

Impressive quality even for repeated copies

Reduces the color difference with accurate color matching when digital copying, and also avoids quality degradation during repeated photocopying.

Print job priority override

When you need to make an urgent print and the device is busy with other jobs, you can make an interrupt printing by changing the print priority, or suspend the current print job and gives a new job top priority.

Email notification for complete jobs

You will be notified by email when the job is finished. When printing or faxing a large amount of data, no need to wait forever in front of the device. Just leave the device to its work, while you allocate more time to your other business operations.

Your desired finishing

Changing color and layout from the operation panel

  • ID card copying with tilt correction

    ID card copying with tilt correction

    When copying an ID card, the device would automatically detect and correct tilted image, and align both front and back sides on one page. ID card copying is a preset function that could be activated easily with one touch.

  • Copy with specified colors erased

    Copy with specified colors erased

    You could erase the letters and underlines of color pens from a document by deleting a specified color upon photocopying, allowing reuse of the document. Up to 6 colors could be erased with 5 levels of color tone adjustable.

  • 2-Color printing/copying

    2-Color printing/copying

    A color document could be converted into a monochrome copy with one additional color, such expressions are easier to be recognized than a simple monochrome copy. Such settings are recommended for printing design drawings and advertising documents.

Highlighter enhanced copy / Bleed-through prevented copy

The "Highlighter Enhancement Mode" allows color reproduction of fluorescent highlighters, text or images that have been marked with a highlighter in the document could also be copied clearly. In addition, under the "Bleed Through Prevention" mode, show through of the print on the backside could be minimized when copying data on thin media such as newspapers.

Skipping blank pages

Detects and automatically skips blank pages even if they are mixed in the document set in the document feeder. Reducing unnecessary processes for finishing. Additionally, such a feature helps in saving paper and reduces printing costs.

Auto monochrome/color detection

Even if color and monochrome originals are mixed in the document feeder, they could be detected and sorted in a separated print count automatically, reducing wasteful cost by preventing printing monochrome documents in color mode.

Duplex printing and combine printing

Support combining two single-page originals into a duplex document, or printing multiple original sheets into one single printed page. This not only improves the appearance of documents but also saves paper and toner.

Color calibration support (Consultation Required)

Adjust and customize the color tone of the printer that suits you the best. (Check with us for details)

Wide variety of output styles

Supports a wide range of media handling. Posters, envelopes, you name it.

  • Support 4 types of paper folding

    Support 4 types of paper folding

    Reduce manual folding processes by adding the optional Z-Fold unit that provides 4 types of folding and two types of multi-sheet folding. Expanding the range of business with more flexible operations.
    * Only available on 60ppm/70ppm models.
    * DF-7140 or DF-7150 with ZF-7100 are required for configuration

  • Comprehensive finishing features

    Comprehensive finishing features

    Boosts your productivity with finisher options that offer a variety of output styles including shift-sorting, stapling, and punching features*.
    Additionally, bi-fold booklet or tri-fold letters can be processed automatically by a Z-Fold Unit.
    *A punch unit is required for configuration.

  • Space-saving finisher

    Space-saving finisher

    The compact inner finisher offers you document sorting and binding functions even in a limited space. It can be mounted on the paper output part. Without any changes to the installation environment, you can enjoy the sorting and stapling functions in a single footprint.
    *Required configuration with optional DF-7100.

Supports a wide range of media handling

Support loading paper size of SRA3 to A6 and weight up to 52 ~ 300 g/m2 (equivalent to 600 sheets of A4 plain paper at 64 g/m2). Even when printing a large amount of special media, such as postcards, envelopes, business cards, and POP advertisements, you can still enjoy an efficient print experience.

A higher-grade production of booklet

You can add two types of paper as cover paper or insert paper. In addition, by combining options such as saddle stitch, inner, fold, and inner tri-fold, you can perform a variety of post-processing that increases the value of printed materials. This makes it possible to create a wide variety of booklets with covers and simple catalogs.
* Only available on 60ppm/70ppm models.
* DF -7140 or DF -7150 with IS -7100 are required for configuration.

Manual stapling without print operation

If you want to have your documents stapled at a later time, you can set the paper onto the finisher directly just for the stapling process. Drive greater productivity by saving up human power on binding documents. *Required configuration with optional DF- 7140.

Easy envelope printing

Standard sizes and thicknesses of papers are preset on the MFP and printer driver. You can print on different types of envelopes simply by selecting the envelope paper source from the list on the printer driver.

Poster printing

Allows you to print poster-size images by enlarging one page to cover several sheets of paper.

Printing long size paper (Banner printing)

Support banner printing with paper size up to 297 mm x 1,220 mm. Creating and printing banners in-house is easier than you might think.

Setting up frequently used functions to Favorites

For complex and time-consuming document processing such as booklet production, you can bundle the steps as a program and recall the command with one touch. In addition, settings that are often used in business, such as ID card copy, are preregistered as Favorites and ready to be used right upon your installation.

Support printing with only black toner

If you run out of color toner during printing, you can continue printing with black toner only in black and white printing for urgent printing or faxing until the toner is replenished.

Selectable printing method for different operating environment

Print in a variety of ways, on different devices, at every location.

  • KX Driver (Windows only)

    KX Driver (Windows only)

    The KX driver is an original printer driver specifically for Windows, enables users to fully utilize the functions of Kyocera printers and multifunction printers. Basic settings are listed on the top screen as icons and you can perform the print setting easily. Additionally, detailed settings such as finisher processing, user restrictions, password setting, etc. are possible to be modified in this driver.

  • Support printing from Mac OS

    Support printing from Mac OS

    The TASKalfa 7554ci series provides emulation for Adobe's page description language "Postscript 3", which enables printing from Mac OS.

  • Printing from iOS and Android device

    Printing from iOS and Android device

    Supports AirPrint for macOS and iOS systems, and Mopria Print Service for Android devices. It helps you create full-quality printed output with a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi.

Print directly from a USB flash drive

Features walk-up USB printing, you can print image data stored in a USB memory device by connecting it directly to the device.

Others KX Driver Functions

Print/Layout Settings
● Number of Copies ● Duplex ● Combine (2 in 1, 4 in 1) ● Paper Selection ● Original Size ● Reduce/Enlarge (Standard Zoom/Zoom Entry (25% to 400%)) ● Profiles (Save frequently used setting)

Color/Quality Settings
● Color Selection [Full color, Eco color (grayscale with black toner), 2 Color, Black and White] ● Advanced Graphic Setting (change image compression and levels) ● Color Reproduction Mode (optimizes text and color reproduction) ● Printing Black Text ● KIR Mode (Kyocera developed image smoothing feature, provides 1,200 dpi image quality ) ● Glossy Mode ●EcoPrint (toner save mode)

Finishing Settings
● Margin ● SRA3 Size Printing (full printing) ● Poster Printing ● Banner Printing ● Envelope Printing (Square, long size supported) ● Cover Page/Insert Sheets (Insertion of cover sheet, interleaving paper, index divider, and chaptering) ● Stapling* ● Punching, Binding (Booklet Printing)*
*Required optional finisher accessory

Job (saving print data in the printer)
● Private Printing ● Proof Priinting ● Job Box (storage of frequently used print jobs) ● Quick Copy Box (facilitates additional prints of printed documents) ● Custom Box

Extension utility
●KX Driver Add-On Plug-in (Watermark, Header/Footer Print) ● KM Net Direct Print (Send data directly to the print system through the Windows spooler without opening a PDF file)

Other Settings
Carbon Copy (Separate tray or cassette paper for each page in one print job), Bulk Copy (Print jobs in batches), Manual Feed Priority Mode, Disable Auto Cassette Change (Prevent paper feeding from the alternate tray even when input tray runs out of paper)

Other Copy/Printing Features

Document/Paper Settings
● Number of Copies ● Paper Selection ● Paper Size ● Standardize paper size for small-size documents (Business cards, licenses, etc.) ● Mixed Size Originals (process documents of different sizes all at once)* ● Continuous Scan (Batch processing of files read separately) ● Paper source/output destination
*Not compatible with DP-7140.

Finishing Settings
● Auto Image Rotation, Sorting (Left/right shifting, 90° rotate ) ● Stapling * ● Punching, Binding (Booklet Printing) * ● Skip Blank Pages, Negative Image, Mirror Image ● Favorite (Default program: ID card copy, Eco copy, newspaper copy, drawing copy, confidential copy)
*Required optional finisher accessory

Color/Quality Settings
●Document density ● Original image (Text, Text+Photo, Photo, Graphic/Map) ● Eco copy (Toner saving printing) ● Background Density adjustment (Darkens or lightens overall background color) ● Bleed-through prevention ● Contrast ●Trapping (Remove Blank Areas) ● Erease Colors ● Sharpness Adjustment

●Duplex (One-sided, Two-sided, Book) ● Zoom ((Standard Zoom / Zoom Entry (25% to 400%)) ● XY Zoom, Resize, Rotate copy ● Aggregate Copy (2 in 1, 4 in 1) ● Border Erase ● Inserted Writing Margin ● Binding/Center Adjust ● Erase Shadowed Areas

Edit Settings
● Image Repeat (Tiles a copied sheet with an original image) ● Double Copy (makes 2 copies of same original on a single sheet) ● ID Card Copy ● Combine (poster printing) ● Form Overlay (prints the original document overlaid with a form or image) ● Page Number ● File Name Entry ● Stamp (text stamp, bates stamp, confidential stamp)

Other Features
●Preview ● Priority Overide/Interrupt Print ● Job Finish Notice ● Proof Copy ● Repeat Copy