TASKalfa 7054ci/6054ci/5054ci/4054ci/3554ci/2554ci

Flexible to various working environments

Works with multiple connection types for different network and equipment

  • Connects to multiple networks

    Connects to multiple networks

    Supports connections with both wired and wireless LAN at the same time, you can still set up Wi-Fi printing even if two wired networks have been installed. Meanwhile, the print data is separately processed for each interface. *Optional IB-37/50/51 required.

  • High Speed Wi-Fi Direct

    High Speed Wi-Fi Direct

    Connects to computers and mobile terminals with wireless LAN functions through Wi-Fi Direct. It even supports the new 5GHz standard for high-speed communications. And equipped with an NFC tag (Near-Field Communication), you only need to place an NFC-compatible Android terminal on the printer's operation panel to connect to Wi-Fi Direct easily. *Optional IB-37 required.

Numerous of management settings

Unified management of device status and usage status on the network.

  • Managing device usage by departments

    Managing device usage by departments

    If your device is shared by multiple departments, with job accounting management, the device could automatically track and generate reports on the number of copies, prints, scans, and faxes used by each department. You can also limit the volume of usage or on some specific functions for each department., reducing excessive use of printing and unnecessary use of functions. Optimize your environment and reduce costs.

  • Manage device settings from your PC

    Manage device settings from your PC

    The device administrator can access the Command Center RX of the device via networks from the PC browser, allowing remotely and efficiently check and update various settings, including login user names, network, and security settings.

  • Manage multiple devices in batch

    Manage multiple devices in batch

    Using KYOCERA Net Viewer to monitor, maintain, and update all your devices locally and remotely on your PC. You can receive timely device error notifications via email and respond quickly to minimize device downtime, and streamline device management tasks such as changing settings remotely and checking toner levels.