TASKalfa 7054ci/6054ci/5054ci/4054ci/3554ci/2554ci

Consumables & Options

TASKalfa 2554ci TASKalfa 3554ci TASKalfa 4054ci TASKalfa 5054ci TASKalfa 6054ci TASKalfa 7054ci
Toner Kit TK-8360 (C/M/Y):
12,000 pages
TK-8360 (K):
25,000 pages
TK-8370 (C/M/Y):
20,000 pages
TK-8370 (K):
30,000 pages
TK-8540 (C/M/Y):
20,000 pages
TK-8540 (K):
30,000 pages
TK-8550 (C/M/Y): 24,000 pages
TK-8550 (K): 40,000 pages
Maintenance Kit MK-8335 (A/B): 200,000 pages
MK-8345 (D/E): 600,000 pages
MK-8535 (A/B): 600,000 pages MK-8545 (A), MK-8535 (B):
600,000 pages
Waste Toner Bottle WT-8500
Document Processor DP-7150: 140 sheets RADF Type; DP-7140: 65 sheets RADF Type (TASKalfa 2554ci / TASKalfa 3554ci only); DP-7160: 320 sheets One-path Duplex Scanning Type;
DP-7170: 320 sheets One-path Duplex Scanning Type with double paper feeding detector
Paper Feeder PF-7140: 500 sheets x 2; PF-7150: 1,500 sheets x 2 (A4/Letter); PF-7120: 3,000 sheets Large capacity side deck (A4/Letter)
Finisher DF-7100: Inner Finisher *No support for 70ppm; AK-7110: Attachment Kit; DF-7120: 1,000 sheets Finisher;
DF-7140: 4,000 sheets Finisher with 65 sheets Staple; DF-7150: 4,000 sheets Finisher with 100 sheets Staple;
PH-7C: Punch Unit for DF-7120/DF-7140/DF-7150; PH-7120: Punch Unit for DF-7100; MT-730(B): 7 Bin Mailbox for DF-7140; JS-7110: Inner Job Separator;
IS-7100**: Inserter Unit; ZF-7100**: Z Folding Unit; BF-730: Booklet Folder for DF-7140; BF-9100: Booklet Folder for DF-7150;
SH-10: Staple for DF-7100/DF-7120/BF-730/BF-9100; SH-12: Staple for DF-7140; SH-14: Staple for DF-7150
Fax System Fax System 12
Internet FAX Internet FAX Kit(A)
Card Authentication Card Authentication Kit(B)
Gigabit Ethernet Board IB-50
Wireless LAN Interface IB-37 (Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz/5 GHz multi-band support) / IB-38 (Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz capable) *IB-38 for Indonesia, Bangladesh only
Storage Device HD-15: HDD 320GB, HD-16: HDD 1TB
Embedded OCR Scan Extension Kit(A)
Banner Paper Tray Banner Guide 10
Numeric Key Pad NK-7120
Original Tray DT-730 (B)
Keyboard Holder Keyboard Holder 10

**for Color/Mono 60ppm/70ppm only, support for DF-7140/7150 (AK-7110 is required to connect), AK-7120 is required to add Z-Fold Unit in order to connect with Finisher.