TASKalfa Pro 15000c

Selectable controllers with options for the standard controller or the optional Fiery Print Server.

Standard controller

The built-in printer controller supports a wide range of general printing operations.

Standard integrated controller

The TASKalfa Pro 15000 c comes standard with PostScript 3 compatible KPDL and PDF, as well as PPML and PCL6 emulation for a wide range of business applications.

  • Fast PDF Printing

    Fast PDF Printing

    Kyocera's unique High Speed PDF Processing technology directly processes PDF files without conversion. PDF/X and PDF/VT files are processed eciently to ensure high productivity.

  • KX Driver (Windows)

    KX Driver (Windows)

    Incorporating with the technologies for office printers, printing can be done smoothly using Windows applications. Even unskilled users are able to print on the TASKalfa Pro 15000c with the unified and user-friendly interface.

  • Command Center RX (Web browser)

    Command Center RX (Web browser)

    The printer setup window (Command Center RX) can be access via web browser. It helps users to look at job and printer information such as ink levels, paper availability and access device settings. Keeping daily operations quick and simple.

Variable data printing

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c controller supports PDF/VT 1.0 and PPML 2.0 to optimize productivity when handling large-sized variable printing data.

Option controller

The optional Fiery Print Server take cares of more advanced commercial printing operations.

  • Printing System 50 (Options)

    Printing System 50 (Options)

    The EFI Fiery printing server, which is well-reputed in the commercial printing industry, is optimized for the TASKalfa Pro 15000c. The multi-function controller specialized in printing and highly compatible with existing environments will lead to success in the printing business.

  • High-speed processing

    High-speed processing

    Supports Adobe PostScript 3 -3020 and the Adobe PDF PrintEngine (APPE) 4.4 for direct PDF processing with high performance on shadowed text and transparency effects. Enables high-performance processing of graphics data and variable data printing consist of repeated patterns.

  • Command WorkStation

    Command WorkStation

    The interface is unified and user-friendly that allows easy checking on the status of print jobs and the status of printer at the same time. It also allows advanced print job management, including reprinting from print job lists, job filtering, previewing RIP-completed pending jobs, and importing print job by drag-and-drop.

JDF Support

Integration with JDF (Industry-standard job definition format) enables connection with 3rd party workflows. Creating a seamless printing environment with the TASKalfa Pro 15000c.

Fiery Color Profile Suite (Fiery Extended Option)

Offers comprehensive support for color management on Taskalfa Pro 15000c, including creation, editing and management of ICC compliant color profiles and color matching of multiple printing machines.

Makeready Software (Fiery Extended Option)

Seamlessly utilize software (Fiery Impose/Fiery Compose) from Command WorkStation for streamline labor-intensive print preparation tasks, such as printer spreads creation and chapter creation.

Efficient Print Workflow (Fiery Extended Option)

Incorporating a software calibration to the document data before printing is the best to avoid any waste of efforts and resources. With Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition (GAPPE), it is capable for performing color matching with document data, or handling ad-hoc two-color printing.