TASKalfa Pro 15000c

Utilizing unique technologies that ensures durability. Providing a high-speed and non-stop production system that delivers high productivity for every print environment.

  • Nonstop printing of 9,000 sheets per hour

    Nonstop printing of 9,000 sheets per hour

    The TASKalfa Pro 15000c features a line type inkjet print head for high-speed single-pass printing that prints 150 pages per minute (A4 size). The inkjet method enables continuous printing of 9,000 sheets (A4 size) per hour while maintaining stable color quality without interrupting of calibration as seen in electrophotography or slowing down during thick paper printing.

  • Durable for high-volume printing

    Durable for high-volume printing

    The TASKalfa Pro 15000c maintains output quality by effectively removes dried ink and dirt from the surface of print head and keeps it clean at all times. Our unique cleaning solution is fed from a special nozzle at the end of the print head to dissolve the dried ink, which is then applied to the blade to wipe the head surface. With this technology, the printer can print up to 60 million pages without maintenance.

  • High productivity for commercial print market

    High productivity for commercial print market

    The TASKalfa Pro 15000c lets you feed paper into empty cassettes without interrupting the operation while printing. It also lets you unload the printed materials from the 5000-sheet Stacker to a second stacker or tray for the later process, enabling continuous output. In addition, a number of technologies have been incorporated to increase printing productivity, such as sub ink tank reservoirs in the ink supply path ensure a continuous supply of ink, allowing uninterrupted output while changing ink containers during operation.

  • High volume paper input and output

    High volume paper input and output

    The TASKalfa Pro accommodates up to 4,565 sheets of paper. With the optional double 2,500 sheet Paper Feeders and the 550-sheet Multipurpose Tray (A4 size), up to 14,950 sheets can be fed into the system. In combination with the 5000-sheet Stacker (up to 2 connected units) and the 4000-sheet Finisher, as well as 500-sheet output capacity from the upper right tray of the mainframe, the TASKalfa Pro 15000c enables up to 15,200 sheet output.

  • Reliable paper transport system

    Reliable paper transport system

    The optional double 2,500 sheet paper feeder equips a vacuum feed air pick system, which lifts and separates sheets of paper using air flow from the sides and above. Preventing paper jams and ensures smooth and reliable paper feeding even during mass printing.

  • Fast scan/copy

    Fast scan/copy

    The TASKalfa Pro 15000c comes in standard with copy and network scanning capabilities. Even as an office copier, it provides a high-performance with a high-speed copying of 150 pages per minute. It can be highly utilized while being able to use as a high-speed printer during the peak printing season, and a core office machine during the normal period. It can also be used for high-speed document archiving services with the dual scanner that enables process of 220 pages per minute (300 dpi/A4).