Management’s Message

Solution adviser contributing to your business.
We at Kyocera Document Solutions are responsible for the document solution business in the Kyocera Group, which operates globally in a wide range of business fields.
In today’s business world, digitalization is proceeding at an unprecedented pace and the volume of documents is growing exponentially.
In this business environment, we believe that our mission is to support our customers to effectively manage their information, and turn that information into knowledge, in order to address their challenges with a sense of speed.

By offering a total document solution, we are committed to contributing to the business growth and competitive advantage of our customers.

Based on the relationships of trust between our customers and our technologies cultivated over the years, we will continue to expand into new fields and evolve.

By combining hardware, software and solutions, we aim to become your total document solution advisor who works closely with each customer and offers the optimal solution.
Hironori Ando