Top Commitment

Contributing to the advancement and development of humankind and society through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy / Hironori Ando President

Correct Application of the Concept, "Do What is Right as a Human Being"

At the heart of Kyocera-Group management is the corporate philosophy known as the Kyocera Philosophy, which emphasizes the importance of fair business based on ethical, moral and social standards that people should uphold throughout life. Ultimately, it comes down to one criterion for making decisions: "What is the right thing to do as a human being?"
To practice our corporate philosophy, Kyocera-Group developed a unique management control method known as the Amoeba Management System. With this system in place, we promote a management method in which all employees can participate. Furthermore, we believe in highly transparent corporate activity with timely disclosure of information to customers, suppliers, employees, and all other stakeholders.
For Kyocera Document Solutions, CSR is tantamount to the practice of the Kyocera Philosophy — the heart of Kyocera Group management. We believe practice of the Kyocera Philosophy builds mutual trust with stakeholders, and contributes to sustainable growth for Kyocera Document Solutions, as well as the overall development of society. We will continue to engage in corporate management through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy.
We will contribute to the advancement and development of humankind and society through practice of the Kyocera Philosophy.

Contributions to Society through Business Activities

Modern society faces various global challenges including economic globalization, an increase in energy demand, climate change, and exhaustion of natural resources. To take on these challenges, Kyocera Document Solutions has developed multifunctional products and printers that are long life with less waste for more than 20 years, and provided as environmentally-friendly products. By realizing the optimization of the running costs during the use of the products as well as by minimizing the waste from consumable parts, we strive to provide customers with continuous economic benefits, and highly satisfied products.

Handling of Global CSR Issues

As a member of Kyocera-Group, we believe that it is essential to place our Management Philosophy of "To coexist harmoniously with our society, our global community, and nature (Harmonious Coexistence). " as the core of all of our business activities and conduct locally rooted business activities while ensuring compliance with international norms and standards, respecting diversity including local customs and cultures, and environmental harmony in order to resolve the global social issues.
In order to realize it, Kyocera-Group has taken part as an active member of the UN Global Compact, the basic rules on human rights, labor, environment and prevention of corruption, and ensure not only highly transparent management and fair corporate activities as our code of conduct for business activities based on "Kyocera-Group CSR Guidelines", but also unite our employees and local community in building relationships of mutual trust and contributing to the robust development of society.