Water Risk Response

Water is a precious resource that circulates the Earth. Due to the recent impacts of climate change, water risks have increased in certain regions. The Kyocera Group conducts water risk assessments, sets reduction targets for water usage, and implements measures to effectively utilize and protect water resources.

Environmental Performance for FY 2023 at the ISO 14001 Integrated Certification Sites

Based on our environmental policy, we set annual targets and are committed to environmental management.

Goal for FY 2023 Scope of coverage* Achievement for FY 2023

Reduce water usage to below 652,397 [m3]

#1 685,891

Environmental Goals for FY 2024 at the ISO 14001 Integrated Certification Sites

Goal for FY 2024 Scope of coverage*
Reduce water usage to below 705,239 [m3] #2

* Scope of coverage:
#1 Hirakata Plant, Tamaki Plant, China Plant, Vietnam Plant
#2 Global Headquarters, Hirakata Plant, Tamaki Plant, KYOCERA Document Solutions Japan Osaka Headquarters, China Plant, Vietnam Plant

Reusing Process Wastewater

Water recycling equipment

China Plant uses a water recycling system to neutralize wastewater from the cleaning process, stores it in a tank, and then reuses it as cooling water for air conditioners, thereby reducing wastewater discharge by an average of 4,600 [m3] per month.