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Knowledge changes the world

Kyocera Document Solutions has championed innovative technology since 1934. We enable our customers to turn information into knowledge, excel at learning and surpass others. With professional expertise and a culture of empathetic partnership, we help organizations put knowledge to work to drive change.
Year-round employment
Kyocera Document Solutions is hiring throughout the year for university students, graduate students and former graduates who do not have work experience
If you are interested in the positions we are currently recruiting for or the selection process, please contact us at the address below.
Contact Address
Contact Address Contact:
Recruiter: Kyocera Document Solutions, Human Resources Development Section

Recruit Guidelines

Available Positions
Research and Technology Development, Manufacturing and Production Engineering, Quality
Assurance, Internal SE, Marketing and Product Planning
Legal and Intellectual Property Department, Solution Sales, Technical Sales, Stag Departments
Main job description
In the field of technology development, based on our original ECOSYS concept, we are
aggressively challenging new technologies that are environmentally friendly and digerentiate
us from our competitors. In the field of sales, we are not just selling products, but also
producing solutions for ohce environments for various customers around the world. We aim to
be a "good partner" for our customers, and will continue to take on the challenge of solving
their problems.
Work Location
We are not looking for people with limited work locations, but people who
t can be active globally.
Osaka, Yokohama, Tokyo, Mie, etc.
Starting salary
University graduate: 221,000 yen per month (actual salary in 2021)
Graduate: 245,000 yen per month (actual salary in 2021)
Bonuses are paid twice a year (in June and December).
Other allowances
Family support allowance, housing assistance allowance for city workers, cold weather
allowance, commuting allowance, overtime allowance, etc.
Various types of social insurance, group group insurance (automobile, medical, life, etc.).
Corporate pension system, financial savings, company housing and childcare leave system,
shortened working hours system, nursing care leave system, congratulatory and condolence
payment system, club activities, and access to various recreational
facilities throughout Japan.
  • * Employees with children up to the sixth grade of elementary school can take advantage of this system.
Measures against assive smoking
Total indoor smoking ban
Education system
Entry-level training, correspondence courses, philosophy training, management training,
global training, technical skills training
Working hours
8:45 - 17:30
  • * Working hours: 7 hours and 45 minutes
  • * Telecommuting system available

Days off
2 days og per week
124 days og per year, 9 consecutive days og system, refreshment leave, year-end and New
Year vacations, GW, summer, annual paid vacations, etc.
Application Requirements
Students who will graduate by March 2023 / September 2022
Number of employees to be hired
Technical stag: approx. 40, Sales/Administration stag: approx. 10
Selection Process
Entry sheet, transcript, certificate of expected graduation (completion)

Selection Process

[Free Application]

  • 1. Entry
  • 2. Document screening
  • 3. Appropriateness test
  • 4. 1st interview (personal interview)
  • 5. Final interview (personal interview)

[Recommended applications (for technical positions only)]

  • 1. Consultation with faculty member in charge of employment
  • 2. Faculty member in charge of employment contacts Human Resources
    Development Section
  • 3. Final interview (personal interview)
  • * The application method can be changed at any time. (The application method can be switched at any time.)
  • * We will inform applicants of the selection date and other details as soon as they are determined.

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