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Kyocera Document Solutions is leading the digital shift driving productivity and growth in the printing industry. We offer a range of exciting new options that draw on the combined resources of the Kyocera Group.
Inkjet BusinessInkjet Business

Kyocera inkjet printers help you expand your potential

Kyocera Document Solutions has evolved from an established supplier of office equipment such as MFPs and printers into a fully-fledged document solutions provider. Kyocera has built up a substantial body of technological assets in areas such as paper handling, image processing and chemicals theory (which forms the basis of toner development). This is augmented with the technological assets of the wider Kyocera Group in areas such as printheads to create new environmentally-friendly ink materials and advanced printhead controllers for superior image quality. By harnessing the combined resources of the Kyocera Group, we create exciting new products and solutions that transcend the traditional paradigm of the office workplace.

The advent of different working arrangements and approaches has led to a shift toward paperless operation in local government, education and private businesses. Marketing and promotion is likewise increasingly moving into the digital space.

In the same way, the printing industry, typically associated with paper-based documents such as invoices, publications and direct mail brochures, is seeing an increasing demand for paperless and digital solutions. The traditional business model of large print runs of identical content is moving towards growth strategies predicated on generating new forms of added value. For example, while the overall volume of printed materials is steadily declining, the advent of digital technology enables us to provide more tailored forms of added value such as personalized direct marketing materials collateral and promotional materials that link directly to digital media via QR codes. The key to sustained growth is being flexible enough to identify and adapt to the changing needs and expectations of the marketplace and use this knowledge to create new forms of value.

The printing industry is constantly looking to reinvent itself with new ideas and challenges. As a relatively new entrant to the industry, Kyocera has the freedom and agility to develop exciting and innovative solutions for our customers, with the benefit of direct access to the combined technical expertise and resources of the entire Kyocera Group. In this context, inkjet printing represents a key component of our overall business strategy. Kyocera currently offers commercial printing services such as catalogs and direct mail. We are looking to expand into industrial services such as printing onto film and cloth materials.

Exciting new options in the printing industry

Positioning of the Kyocera’s cut sheet inkjet printer
Most commercial printing is done on analog printing machines. Analog printers tend to use large quantities of consumables and have high maintenance needs. There are many costs involved: initial setup of the printing plates takes time and expertise, and the plates have to be stored when not in use, which takes up valuable space. There is also the cost associated with hiring and/or training machinery operators. Digital printing offers an attractive alternative. It is low-maintenance, with no need for physical plates, and does not require trained operators. In the face of rising demand for custom jobs with limited print runs and fast turnaround times, the transition to digital printing is accelerating. There are two types of digital printing: toner printing and inkjet printing. Inkjet printers in particular are proving popular as they have fewer parts than standard analog printers, which means they require less maintenance and are cheaper to run. They are also significantly faster.

In terms of price band and productivity offerings, the market has traditionally been split into two categories: expensive offset printers and large-size inkjet printers for commercial printing applications typically involving large print runs of identical content, such as magazines and flyers, and inexpensive toner printers for smaller, custom print runs, where total monthly print volumes are relatively modest.
Enter the TASKalfa Pro 15000c, a cut sheet digital inkjet printer from Kyocera, which is an exciting new offering that fits neatly between these two categories by providing high-productivity performance at an entry-level price.
The TASKalfa Pro 15000c prints up to 150 A4 pages per minute for up to an hour without pausing and boasts excellent image quality, thanks to the unique water-based pigment inks developed exclusively by Kyocera. Digital printers support variable printing since physical plates are not used, thereby allowing a much greater degree of flexibility. Digital printers do not require special skills or qualifications to operate, which reduces labor costs for greater efficiency and productivity. By leveraging the technological assets and resources of the Kyocera Group, we can offer a high-productivity, cut sheet digital inkjet printer at a surprisingly low purchase price.
Kyocera is committed to facilitating the digital shift within the printing industry as a means of boosting overall productivity and promoting sustained value generation and organizational growth for our customers.

TASKalfa Pro 15000c

The TASKalfa Pro 15000c has both affordability and high productivity, the ability to offer variable data printing unlocks the customers’ full potential, and helps expand overall growth.

Moving into unchartered territory

The product development began with research to identify and evaluate customer expectations, as the basis for conceptualizing new options in the commercial printing market. In this movie, the product development leader explains Kyocera’s vision for the inkjet business and the values it offers to customers.

Inkjet printers and the Sustainable Development Goals

Inkjet printing offers a number of benefits aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) objectives, including inks with low environmental impact and low-wastage product design.
Inkjet printers and the Sustainable Development Goals