Kyocera releases devices supporting Microsoft Universal Print, promoting transition to cloud-based printing

July 28, 2021

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. (President: Hironori Ando; herein "Kyocera") today announced that it will begin releasing new MFPs and printers that natively support Universal Print, a multi-tenant, cloud-based modern print service from Microsoft which allows organizations to manage their print infrastructure through Microsoft 365 cloud services. The company plans to launch devices with native support for Universal Print starting late summer in Japan, followed by other regions globally.

Digital transformation has taken place in recent years at a gradual pace, but with the global pandemic, it has quickly become an urgent reality for many organizations. With the various lockdowns around the globe, companies suddenly had to adjust their business processes and enable workers to work from home (WFH) while others are in the office. The market movement towards cloud has accelerated rapidly in order to support a hybrid workplace, including printing. IT professionals must ensure printing is still secure when employees are working from different locations.

Offered by Microsoft, Universal Print moves printing to the cloud by removing the need for the on-premises print servers that have been traditionally necessary for printing. Instead, Universal Print uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and enables IT administrators to share printers across their organization, regardless of where the end users are located.

By integrating Kyocera MFPs and printers with Universal Print, organizations can address the printing needs of the hybrid workplace, providing workers with a secure way to submit print jobs regardless of their location. It is also a good answer for organizations that are limiting their dependency on on-premises servers (including print servers) and want a more centralized approach to print management. IT administrators can manage Kyocera devices directly through a centralized portal, which enables them to share the devices across their organization regardless of where the end users are located. It also provides a comprehensive administrator experience such as security groups for printer access, location-based device discovery.

"We believe that Universal Print will play an integral role in transitioning to cloud-based printing and look forward to working together with Microsoft to unleash a new era of print," stated Keisuke Koyama, Senior General Manager of the Corporate Marketing Division at Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

As changes in the workplace continue to take place at a rapid pace, Kyocera will continually offer total document solutions which enhance business productivity. The company remains committed to its mission of supporting customers to turn their information into knowledge and put that information to work.

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