Product packaging for color A4 printer wins the WORLDSTAR 2024

January 31, 2024

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.(President:Hironori Ando) is pleased to announce that its product packaging for color A4 printers won the "WORLDSTAR 2024" award at the WORLDSTAR GLOBAL PACKAGING AWARDS*1 organized by the World Packaging Organisation*2. This contest is the largest contest in the global packaging field.

For more than 20 years, we have been developing MFPs and printers with long life and low waste, minimizing the number of consumable parts that are disposed of, and supplying environmentally friendly products. We have also been striving for environmentally friendly packaging by mainly using pulp molds and corrugated board made from recycled paper to "get rid of plastic".

In order to replace plastic foam cushioning material with paper cushioning material for the packaging of MFPs and printers developed by us, we have worked to improve the repeated shock resistance (shock resistance against multiple impacts), which has been a weak point of paper cushioning material. Unlike foamed cushioning material, paper cushioning material does not have resilience, so its cushioning performance deteriorates when subjected to multiple impacts. Therefore, we improved the repeated cushioning performance by adopting a support shape in the corrugated cushioning material and a shape that prevents collapse and breakage in the pulp mold. As a result, the impact value was reduced by up to 61% in a test in which the product was dropped five times consecutively on four sides to evaluate the repeated cushioning performance, and the paper packaging was adopted.

  • *1An international packaging award organized by the World Packaging Organisation since 1970.
  • *2The Japan Packaging Institute was founded on September 6, 1968 in Tokyo as a non-profit international non-governmental organization by packaging leaders from around the world, including the Japan Packaging Institute. It is an international federation of national representative packaging associations, regional packaging federations, and other related organizations including individuals, corporations, and trade associations.

■World Packaging Organisation

    Pulp mold Shape that is hard to fall and break
        Cushioning properties are improved by collapsing so that they overlap when dropped.

    Corrugated Cardboard Support Shape
        The shape of supporting cushioning material prevents it from collapsing and breaking.


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