KYOCERA Mobile Print for Android Security Vulnerability

April 11, 2023

A security vulnerability has been identified in KYOCERA Mobile Print for Android provided by KYOCERA Document Solutions. The following is an overview of the issue and how to resolve it. As of the date of publication of this notice, we have not confirmed any attacks that take advantage of this vulnerability.

Vulnerability description

KYOCERA Mobile Print's application class allows data transmission from malicious third-party mobile applications, which could result in malicious files being downloaded. And, by using the KYOCERA Mobile Print web browser functionality, malicious sites can be accessed and malicious files can be downloaded and executed, which can lead to the acquisition of internal information on mobile devices.

Vulnerability number: JVNVU#98434809 / CVE-2023-25954


The latest applications(Version can be installed from “ Google Play ” .

Products affected by this vulnerability

For more information on how this vulnerability affects products, please contact your local distributor where you purchased the product.