For customers using a wireless LAN interface

June 22, 2023

We are writing to inform you that it has been discovered that some of the MFPs and printers sold by Kyocera Document Solutions may not comply with the provisions of the Radio Law.

There is no risk of harm to the human body or damage to other equipment. Although there is a possibility that the products may not comply with the provisions of the Radio Law, our products do not emit any radio waves that do not comply with the provisions of the Law, and there is no problem in actual use.

Customers who own the affected products, we will repair the affected models below free of charge.

Applicable Products

The following products are affected by this issue if they are equipped with the IB-37 / IB-38 wireless LAN interface. Equipment produced after April 2023* has already been fixed and can be used with confidence.

Monochrome A4 printer

ECOSYS PA6000x / PA5500x / PA5000x / PA4500x

Monochrome A4 MFPs

ECOSYS MA6000ifx / MA5500ifx / MA4500ifx / MA4500ix / MA4500fx / MA4500x

Monochrome A3 MFPs

TASKalfa MZ4000i / MZ3200i

* How to check the month of production

The 10 digits after the S/No. in the image below are the serial number of the unit. The fourth digit in the red frame represents the year of production and the fifth digit represents the month of production.
For example, the picture shows production in November 2022. (month: 1 ~ 9 = January ~ September, X = October, Y = November, Z = December)

Please contact us for free repair service

We will repair the affected products free of charge. Please contact the sales company in the region where you purchased the equipment.