KYOCERA offers a special “customization” to satisfy your unique requirements
KYOCERA offers a special “customization” to satisfy your unique requirements


When you need an application or specification that slightly differs from standard ones for your business workflow, KYOCERA helps you with “customization” that meets your detailed requirements.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

  • I want streamlined management and sharing of information by utilizing existing systems.
  • I want to strengthen security and ensure privacy.
  • I want to print on customized paper.
  • I want to manage document-related work more efficiently.
  • I want a solution that is designed for my industry and my business.

If any of these sound familiar to you, why don’t you consider our customized solutions?

What’s Customization?

When your business requirements include unique or unusual workflows or applications, we “customize” our products to ensure that they truly meet your requirements and needs.

KYOCERA places top priority on its “Customer-First” principle to ensure that its products and services consistently delight customers. Based on this principle, the company has been promoting diversified business operations for many years, such as technology and software development and system construction to respond to customers’ various needs. Today, as a customization expert, KYOCERA provides a wide range of solutions to a variety of customers around the world.

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Case Studies

As a customization expert, for example, KYOCERA has offered customized solutions to hospitals, where archiving and sharing of medical records are required on a daily basis. These solutions enabled integrating multifunctional products (MFPs) into the existing medical system without large-scale specification changes, and the scanning of long paper medical records. Customization that enables masking the last four digits of recipients’ fax numbers in a fax journal, which is adopted in Germany where security matters are highly concerned, represents another example of a simple but unique practice.
Take a look how KYOCERA can assist you in your business.

Case Study - 1

Integrates MFPs to Existing Information System without Difficulties, Enabling Archiving and Sharing of Medical Records

Case Study - 2

Fully Considers Protection of Privacy-Related Information by Customizing MFP’s Fax Function

Case Study - 3

Enables Copying and Scanning of Long Paper Used in Medical Institutions

Case Study - 4

Scans a Huge Number of Documents at Once to PDF files for Each Case

Case Study - 5

Easily Confirms and Shares Photos Using an Index Print

To respond to even your smallest requirements, KYOCERA is here to offer tailor-made customization uniquely for you.

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