Case Study - 5Easily Confirms and Shares Photos Using an Index Print

Customized function
Approx. 250 MFPs


The customer is a metal processor in Germany that promotes a wide variety of business operations including the manufacture and installation of metal products such as roofing for large stadiums.


The customer promotes its business in close cooperation with their clients and construction site staff, visiting work sites on a daily basis. Their request was to enable loading of photos of construction sites to the MFP directly from a digital camera in a site office where no PC is available. They also wanted to print those images on paper as an index print, which shows the images in thumbnail size, to confirm and share them among relevant parties.


KYOCERA developed and offered the customer with a special “HyPAS™”* application for printing an index print. Through this customization, the customer has become able to print 15 to 20 images on A4- or A3-size paper simply by connecting a digital camera** to their printer or MFP.

  • *a KYOCERA-developed software platform that expands MFP's core capabilities with simple touch-screen operations that address customers’ unique workflow needs
  • **a digital camera that can be recognized as a USB device


In response to the customer’s needs, KYOCERA provided a solution that enabled the customer to easily confirm images on paper and share them at work, using only the MFP at a place where no PC is available. KYOCERA’s effort contributed to improved convenience and efficiency in the customer’s workflow. This customized solution is expected to spread in use not only at construction sites but also manufacturing sites.

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