Case Study - 2Fully Considers Protection of Privacy-Related Information by Customizing MFP’s Fax Function

Customized function

In countries that are sensitive to protecting privacy-related information, there are cases requiring the consideration of privacy even in the field of MFPs and printers. KYOCERA responds to those needs.

Challenge (Example)

It is a standard fax function to record to whom faxes were sent by showing the recipients’ call numbers in the fax journal. However, in Germany and other countries where strict requirements are set for privacy protection, there are cases requiring the MFP with fax function that can mask and thus hide the last four digits of recipients’ call numbers in the fax journal. In addition, it is also required not to display the last four digits of the recipient’s call number (customer information) on the operation panel of the MFP in its transmission history.

Available Solution

KYOCERA can respond flexibly to these needs by providing the MFP with a customized fax function that does not record the last four digits of call numbers in the MFP’s log information (transmission history). Similar needs have been expanding in countries sensitive to privacy protection. Under these circumstances, KYOCERA has accumulated the experiences of their customizations in Germany and Austria to respond to customers’ needs to mask part of call numbers in fax transmission.

  • *This customized function has now become a standard specification for our products. (Standardization depends on the product.)

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Fully Considers Protection of Privacy-Related Information by Customizing MFP’s Fax Function

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To respond to even your smallest requirements, KYOCERA is here to offer tailor-made customization uniquely for you.

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