Case Study - 1Integrates MFPs to Existing Information System without Difficulties, Enabling Archiving and Sharing of Medical Records

Healthcare (Hospital)
Customized function
Approx. 500 MFPs


The customer is a leading and historical private health institutions in Turkey, and has played a key role in developing the health sector in the country. Establishing a system that enables cost-efficient storage and management of all new and existing patient records was urgently needed in this institution.


Generally, many hospitals handle different kinds of information using various systems and applications, which prevents accurate and timely checking of patient records and may generate errors in handling. Meanwhile, the customer had been operating their own medical information system that successfully unifies management of different information types. To fully utilize this system, MFPs were needed for scanning and storing test results, medication records and other medical records as well as for sending stored data to their central medical information system. In this case, high connectivity was required for the MFPs to be integrated smoothly into the existing medical information system.

Although the customer’s existing medical system required 150 dpi scanning resolution, the standard TWAIN driver installed in a KYOCERA MFP did not allow 150 dpi resolution. For the scanned information to be sent and archived in the customer’s system, a tailor-made solution was required.


Following analysis, KYOCERA decided to provide MFPs with a TWAIN driver that inputs the resolution as 150 dpi to the system to enable scanned medical records to be archived in the customer’s medical information system without changing the system’s software. Making changes to the medical system may cause duplicate operations because of the need for sufficient evaluations on the changes made. In that sense, KYOCERA offered the most simple and non-time-consuming resolution to meet the customer’s needs, while showing high and stable connectivity of MFPs with existing systems.


As a result, approximately 500 MFPs with high connectivity and flexibility with the existing system realized prompt integration of MFPs and the system as a whole. Smoother management and sharing of information among medical experts have resulted in higher quality patient care.

Case Studies

Case Study - 1

Integrates MFPs to Existing Information System without Difficulties, Enabling Archiving and Sharing of Medical Records

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