Case Study - 4Scans a Huge Number of Documents at Once to PDF files for Each Case

Law Firm (Legal)
Customized function
Approx. 660 MFPs


The customer is a major law firm in Germany. In the legal field, much of its business operations are still performed based on paper such as contracts, with the objective of protecting confidential information and privacy. Meanwhile, a need has risen for efficiently digitizing a huge amount of information formerly recorded on paper to enable long-term storage.


The customer was devoting substantial human resources to convert large numbers of contracts and other documents to PDF files for each case they handled. They needed assistance in improving the situation where they had to devote so much time and manpower for the task.


KYOCERA offered a customized solution by modifying the controller software on the MFP. By combining a “blank page skip” function and a “file split” function, the modified software enables creation of a PDF file every time a blank page is scanned, integrating all the documents scanned between the last two blank pages. Although blank pages must be inserted manually beforehand between every set of documents needed to be integrated into one PDF file, a PDF file is automatically generated for each case just by making the MFP read all documents sequentially at one time. This customized function has realized a substantial reduction of the time required to scan documents to PDF files for all the cases.


Trimming the time required for scanning has led to more efficient business operations. With the reduced burden of administrative work, the customer has become able to focus on its primary mission of protecting their clients’ legal rights. This customized solution is expected to expand not only in the legal field but also in other industries such as retail that deal with documents such as contracts.

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Scans a Huge Number of Documents at Once to PDF files for Each Case

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