Global Services

Customization & Optimization

Involving integration with your existing applications and platforms, we can customize device firmware for simple navigation, creating shortcuts on the panel or device to eliminate steps needed to complete tasks.

For increased productivity, we optimize your fleet architecture across the enterprise, strategically positioning devices depending upon your needs and volume requirements.

We can also enhance, or completely redesign office workflows by adding Kyocera's remote management solutions, business applications such as Kyocera's DMSLink and third party connectors. These robust connectors work seamlessly with a variety of third party solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Implementation Services

Enterprise-wide deployment and installation of your network integrated devices can be implemented at the most convenient times for your business. Our secure methods for rollout of all hardware and software ensure your network and infrastructure are safe from outside threats. Applications and utilities are installed onsite and remotely according to your requirements.

Comprehensive Training

Our training focuses on seamless change management. Direct End-user Training enables staff to utilize the full device and software functionality, as well as monitoring and managing consumables for devices in their work area. IT Administrator training empowering IT admin to manage applications and coordinate updates to your fleet. Help Desk Training provides the tools to enable your internal support staff to answer basic user questions.

Hardware & Software Support

Hardware Support ensures that devices and firmware are updated throughout product lifecycles, maintaining optimal performance and uptime. Utilizing advanced remote management tools we proactively monitor and report on device usage, status, consumables and other vital information.

Software Support ensures optimized software capability and integrity on your platform throughout the lifecycle of your enterprise-wide applications and utilities.

We also provide onsite technical services to determine the status of your devices and develop a plan of action for ideal ongoing performance.

Other Consultancy Services

Our Professional Services can enhance your existing applications or platforms, creating advanced workflows that address your specific document imaging and workflow needs. We also provide demonstrations of devices and software solutions, in addition to an onsite device and software evaluation service.

In addition Kyocera offers enterprise-wide financial design, including worldwide leasing or financing programs.