TASKalfa 7004i/6004i/5004i

Design for Environment

Durable product that not only does elevate your eco-credentials, this also save on your energy bills!

  • Increased product longevity minimizes environmental impacts.

    Increased product longevity minimizes environmental impacts.

    We incorporates long life components, including the amorphous silicon photoreceptor drums. We have been working on durable designs for about 25 years eliminating the need to continually replace costly components.

  • Use of eco-friendly toner

    Use of eco-friendly toner

    The use of nano-particle structure micro toner reduces the burden on the environment. Our exclusive formula does not include use of organic solvents, but only requires a very small amount of water during the production. The toner can be attached to the paper at low temperature, reducing the power consumption during printing.

Reusing emptied toner cartridges

The emptied black toner cartridge can be used as a container for wasted toner, which does not only reduces the generation of waste but also reduces the costs while saving resources.

Use of lead-free components

Due to environmental concerns, we use lead-free wires and solders to reduce hazardous wastes.

Reduced Energy Consumption

With the energy-saving controller and various energy-saving settings, boost the way you work while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Minimize standby power consumption and TEC values

    Minimize standby power consumption and TEC values

    Equipped with an advanced energy-saving controller, the power consumption during sleep mode is able to be controlled at about 0.4W.In addition, power consumption has been reduced by up to 5.2%.

  • Motion sensor

    Motion sensor

    The device detects when you approach the device, wakes up from power-saving sleep mode and turns on the operation panel automatically, ready for you to use the moment you need it. It will return to sleep mode when the user walks away, to save up more energy.

  • Setting ON/OFF timing by weekly timer

    Setting ON/OFF timing by weekly timer

    With the timer function, you can specify the time and day when the machine is automatically set to the sleep mode. Reducing standby power consumption during non-use periods such as holidays and nighttime.

Easy to switch to sleep mode

You can also conserve power by switching your device to sleep mode with one-touch operation keys on the panel.