TASKalfa 7004i/6004i/5004i

Enhanced Device and Document Security

Optimized security protects your business in the latest communications environments.

  • Document management with multiple authentications settings

    Document management with multiple authentications settings

    Supports "Local Authentication" that authenticates with the user list registered on the printer and "Network Authentication" that uses an authentication server such as LDAP or Active Directory. By synchronizing user lists from a source such as Windows domains, it avoids the need for registration and management for individual printer users. Also, with the IC card reader, you can log in just by touching the card to the device *.
    *Optional IC card authentication kit is required.

  • Improved storage security

    Improved storage security

    The security functions of the system meets the standards of the ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria for information security certification, it also fits the standards of the HCD-PP (hardcopy device protection profile) v 1.0 for digital multi-functional devices*. The security features on overwriting and erasing of data has also been upgraded from three times to seven times (DoD 5220.22 - M ECE and BSI/VSITR). *Certification application under process as of August 2021

Meet the latest network security

Supports the use of security features in the latest server environment and communication environment. We have also increased the number of supported security functions, achieving high affinity with security solutions.

[Examples of supported network security features]
・ Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME)
・ Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP)
・ Online Certificate Status Protocol/Certificate Revocation (OCSP/CRL)
・ Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
・ TLS version 1.3 support

Block malicious program tampering

Even if malicious programs such as viruses invaded the device, it could cause no affection due to strict access permission, preventing infections and spread of the virus to ensure a protected use.

Restrain accessible devices by IP address

Configuring IP filtering allow you to restrict the access of the device to your own network and prevent unauthorized access from outside the company.

Limited functions for visitors

For visitors such as customers and external contractors, it is possible to set up use of the device with restrictions such as "black & white copy only" or "USB scanning only". When the usage prohibition function is turned on, login authentication will be required, only permitted use would be allowed. Maintaining proper security while considering the convenience of visitors.

Enhanced print security

Various settings can be made to reduce the occurrence of user errors and fraud.

  • Private print

    Private print

    Prevent information security accidents caused by lost or misplaced printed matter by temporarily storing print data in the "job box" in the system storage and activate printing using passwords and access codes. This function does not require any administrator settings and can be used by setting extended functions of the printer driver when printing.

  • User box password settings

    User box password settings

    "User Box" can be created in the system storage to save scanned data and print data. You can set up access password for each of the box, preventing unauthorized access or leakage of information by requesting password when access the box from the main panel, printer driver, or web browser (COMMAND CENTER RX).

  • Embed watermark to prohibit unauthorized copying

    Embed watermark to prohibit unauthorized copying

    Block printing is a printing method that embeds a special pattern (text and graphics) in the background of a document that stands out when it is photocopied. Making copy-evident pattern makes it easier to identify whether the document is an original or a copy, and helps to prevent information leakage due to inadvertent copying.

Other security functions

● Security password settings ● System initialization settings ● Interface block (USB, LAN port) ● Fax transmission error prevention settings (FASEC1 compliant)