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Efforts in Product Development

ECOSYS Concept

Since the release of our first ECOSYS printer, the ECOSYS FS-1500, in 1992, we have continued product development based on the ECOSYS concept, in which environmental impact is minimized by maximally extending the life of printer parts and thereby reducing part and supply waste (Ecology), and economic advantages are provided to the customer (Economy).

• What is the ECOSYS concept?

What is the ECOSYS concept?

Environment-Conscious Design

We employ designs that are environment-conscious from various perspectives for our products, including long-life design that helps reduce the amount of resources used, the frequency of part replacements and the amount of waste generated, "3R" design that emphasises "reduction," "reuse" and "recycling" of components, low power consumption design that helps mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases, and elimination of specific chemical substances which may be contained in products.

Eco-Conscious Design Assessment

We pursue design based on the "Environment-Conscious Design Standards" at each stage from the early development of new products, and working on product development by evaluating whether Environment-Conscious Design is being carried out based on the "Environment-Conscious Design Check List."
These check lists include questions such as "how many components have been reduced and how much has the product weight been lowered compared to previous products," attributes such as "the ease of disassembly and material sorting in the recycling process," and design targets that contribute to curbing the impact on the environment during the processes of manufacturing components and assembling products. Each of these items is numerically quantified and evaluated.

Evaluation Criteria for Eco-Conscious Design Assessment

  1. 1Long-life design
  2. 2Design to conserve resources and energy
  3. 33R design
  4. 4Design for easy degradation, separation and classification
  5. 5Elimination of hazardous chemical substances

Complying with these standards and specifications and implementing the assessments mentioned above allows us to promote the development of eco-conscious products. And, in addition to product design, we also focus on product packaging and distribution, continuously making eco-conscious efforts in those areas as well.

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